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The irregular, the unconventional and unpredictable interest me. My most successful images are about ambivalence, emotion, mood and mystery. I always seek thoughtful, expressive and... more
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about silverline images


The irregular, the unconventional and unpredictable interest me.

My most successful images are about ambivalence, emotion, mood and mystery. I always seek thoughtful, expressive and artistic individuals with whom to work. I'm thrilled when serendipity and whimsy find a way into our shoots. When things go well, each shoot is a creative adventure between model and photographer. This is what I strive for, and I hope my model will too.

For the past decade I've been a Trustee of Camera Work, a member managed photography cooperative which has operated a studio in Boston for the past 40 years. We are located in an industrial loft on the Mystic River Seaport in Charlestown.

During warm weather months I often shoot outdoors on Cape Cod where I own a second home. For the past few years, I've spent the month of March in southwest Florida near Port Charlotte.

This September, I began my thirteenth season as the production photographer for the award-winning Zeitgeist Stage Company, an avant-garde, cutting-edge theater group located at the Boston Center for the Arts in the South End.


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  • Gibson Photographer Gibson
    5 months ago

    Interesting work, and thank you for your comment

    • Allie Summers Model Allie Summers
      10 months ago

      Very natural

      • Ha! You found me before I could write! I guess I'm shadowing you again!


        • Herbert HLI Photographer Herbert HLI
          last year

          I wandered through your portfolio and I love the way you create your pictures!

          • Tommy 2's Photographer Tommy-2's
            last year

            Thank you for the photograph comment very much appreciated.
            Thank you

            • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
              last year

              I love your use of background to really bring the beauty of the model to life. I also love the select camera angles you used. Sometimes less is more and removing color can really allow the canvas to speak to the viewer; wonderful job.. Your talent and skill allow the imagery to really speak to the viewer.. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent here.

              • Inner Essence Model Inner Essence
                last year

                Thanks for your kind words. That was a test shot for a wet plate image which will be scanned later. Hope you are well and I continue to enjoy watching your journey xo

                • StudioVi2 Photographer StudioVi2
                  last year

                  Both me and my wife are happy and proud to read all your nice words about our work. It makes us eager to continue to create images. Thank you very mutch.

                  • Thanks for following me. 😄

                    • ullrphoto Photographer ullrphoto
                      last year

                      Finally...thank you for the steering me here

                      • Tommy 2's Photographer Tommy-2's
                        last year

                        You are welcome, liking you work keep doing it and I will be adding more,

                        • Jana Model Jana
                          last year

                          Beautiful work, nice range and scope.

                          • Tea Model Tea
                            last year

                            Beautiful body of work

                            • George Vardakis Photographer George Vardakis
                              2 years ago

                              Nice portfolio! Thanks a lot for your comments!

                              • Inner Essence Model Inner Essence
                                2 years ago

                                Always am thankful for your kind words. How fortunate I am to work with so many talented souls. Enjoy your day xo

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