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Welcome. My name is Ian and I Thank You for for visiting my page. I shoot exclusively film, 35mm & Medium Format. I am based near Hudson, New York, which is a little over a 2... more
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RetrogradeAmnesiaArt Model Citizen

about RetrogradeAmnesiaArt


Welcome. My name is Ian and I Thank You for for visiting my page.

I shoot exclusively film, 35mm & Medium Format.

I am based near Hudson, New York, which is a little over a 2 hour drive north of N.Y.C., and 30 minutes South of Albany.

My aim is to create images that transcend Beauty and Aesthetics, to capture a glimpse of one’s Soul. These are often depicted in Dark, Ethereal, Haunting, or Edgy images.

I shoot using only available light, be it the sun, moon, a streetlight, candle, or a motorcycle headlight. I prefer to work outdoors in locations that are decayed, decrepit, or otherwise unique in nature.

I value the skill and vision required to compose an image in the viewfinder. If I feel I need to crop a photo then I've failed at my job. Post editing is virtually nil... it's film.


Model Society Magazine, Issue #17.
January, 2023.

New American Paintings, Northeast Edition, #74.
July, 2008.


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  • Amazing! I have so enjoyed perusing your gallery..very inspiring.

  • Incredible body of work there. Really great work. @guycarnegie

    • Thank You Ever So Much, that Really Means A Lot!! I enjoyed your work as well, your images convey Incredible Emotion!!

  • Thanks for selecting that image. This structure was really unstable, enough to make this model pretty nervous. It was a very quick shoot.
    Your site was fun visit...a lot of energy with some very pretty women.

  • Many thanks for your compliments and comments on my sedcard.
    Hope God will hear your prayers and I will have more time to publish new works.))

    • It's My Pleasure, You're Always Welcome!!
      I do Hope You are able to find time to post more of your work!! I look forward to seeing more of your Photos!!!!

  • Thank you for your mutual appreciation of film work and your work and eye for natural light and feel, you have wonderful work, I appreciate the cross scan work, I used to shoot a lot of cross process. Nice to see film photographers working the craft.

    • You're Most Welcome, and the feeling is Indeed Mutual! Your work is Amazing, and it's great to see there are others here who still embrace Film!! Thank You for the Kind words, they mean a lot, especially from someone who understands the process! It's a Pleasure to meet You and I look forward to seeing more of Your Incredible work!!

  • Thank you so much for your comment on my portfolio and I can say the same about yours, your pictures are sublime and if I ever travel to New York it would be a pleasure and honor to work with you!

  • thank you for your comment on my portfolio, I am honored and flattered by your appreciation

  • Thank you for your kind comments on my portfolio. Your p/folio is awesome! Apologies it has taken a while to reply. I aim to use this site more! Keep up the good work - best wishes Jann

    • It's Well-Deserved, You're Most Welcome!!! Thank You, Truly, That Really Means A Lot Coming From You Jann!! Not to worry, I Really Appreciate you taking the time to write!!! Thank You So Much, Keep shooting Incredible photos yourself!! It's an Absolute Pleasure Making Your Acquaintance!!!

  • Very stunning art! Such a pleasure to view your profile.

    • That's so kind of you! I very much appreciate your words and am honored!

    • Thank You Very Much Sir, that Really Means A Lot!!!! Likewise, I Thoroughly Enjoyed Your Work as Well!!

  • Hello Ian, thank you for your words on my profile, truly appreciated. Best regards! :)

    • They're Well-Deserved Camille, You're Most Welcome!!! It's an Absolute Pleasure Making Your Acquaintance!!! Keep creating Creating Breathtaking Work!!

  • Thank you for contemplating and selecting Kay's "In her solitude" to your Compelling portfolio!...Be safe

    • The Pleasure is Entirely Mine, You're Always Welcome! It's a Striking and Evocative portrait, the Colour and the Light is Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I feel You captured Kay's personality Beautifully, she's Amazing and Incredibly Talented!!! Exquisite Work!

  • Congrats on your feature in the upcoming MS book!

    • I Truly Appreciate that, Thank You Very Much Kind Sir!! I'm Honoured and Deeply Grateful to MS for giving me this Incredible Opportunity!! I'm just as excited to see my models being featured too, they deserve it just as much!!

  • Love your very realistic and 'edgy' photos. Back to beautiful nature.

  • Thank you very much for the liking my image for your gallery

    • It's Well-deserved, You're Always Welcome!!! It's a Powerful, Moody, and Edgy photo! Her tattoos, body language, and that light create a Magical Effect! You and your Model did a Masterful Job, Stunning Work!!

  • Beautiful images. Good story-telling and emotion. Love the urban decay settings.

    • Thank You Very Much Kind Sir!! That Really Means A Lot coming from a Fellow Photographer of your Talent & Skill!

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