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Only 2 defining forces have ever offered to die for you....Jesus Christ and the American Soldier.One died for your soul, the other for your freedom. Ok getting tired of writing... more
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Only 2 defining forces have ever offered to die for you....Jesus Christ and the American Soldier.One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.

Ok getting tired of writing models and not getting answers.. We are supposed to be professionals on here.. the least you could do is write back and say not interested......

I am a very straight forward ask my opinion you will get it, it wont be sugar coated, it wont be bullshit...

I shoot for sexy not reveling

Yes its a lot to read but trust me it will be helpful

About Me

Currently I am a photojournalist for a company that sends me around the world all the time. I may be in this week but not next week.

I consider myself a learning photographer. I love the use of natural light I love seeing what I can make it do with reflectors. Yes I can shoot studio I owned 2 studios for several years and yes I still have studio lights if I need them.

I started out at 16 taking photography in high school yes it was film. I took it for two semesters and got kicked out of the class not for my pictures but things I did during that time.. Hey teach look at me now and you told me I would never be able to be a decent photographer…haha

Took a break

Fast forward…
I had a little point and shoot with me and took a picture with it submitted it to a contest and won (it was like a $10 gift certificate or something small like that to many years ago)

I started a studio and did headshots and started dabbling in fashion and glamour side of photography and was pretty good at it.
I was then asked to be on a tv show for the Next Top Model as a guest photographer I did one photo-shoot for them and did the judging.. I had a blast…

Opened a second studio in a small town near me did a few shoots for designers. One of the designers was Tia Lyn she had been designing for victoria secret

The market started getting flooding with photographers that could buy a digital camera and call themselves a photographer..

Sold one studio and then the other and went to work for a company being there photojournalist traveling around the world for them.

I am not home very often but love to shoot models when I am..

I have studied light theory instead of photography.. I have taken college classes on photography but never got a degree. Teach me how to bend light not take a picture of it.. Anyone can do that.

That’s about it with about me

Things I wont do…

I’m not going to take a picture at your wedding unless you pay me re-tarted amounts of money I hate weddings
I’m not going to take pictures of you and your boyfriend/husband unless you hire me, If I want to add that to my profile I will find the male and find you then I will organize the shoot..
Im not going to take a picture of your who who, I’m going for sexy artistic not slutty porn.
I’m not going to shoot you pregnant.

I reserve the right to bring an escort you models are freaky scary...

I don’t mind escorts as long as there NOT your boyfriend or husband. Bring a friend bring grandma for all I care. Tell them what your doing and what we agreed to shoot. (Bad experience with a boyfriend when the model didn’t tell him we were shooting lingerie for a designer needless to say it did not end well for him)

Mentor thing

I don’t mind talking to models or photographers. I have been doing this for longer than some of you have been alive.
You ask a question I give you my experience, You ask me my opinion, you may not like the answer I give you so don’t expect me to sugar coat anything.

If yur close lets shoot and ill talk to you while shooting and teach you

TFP/CD or whatever you want to call it

I do them every now and then you have to have a look I am after to add to my portfolio if not you pay. I have spent countless hours and money going to school buying equipment and everything else.
I usually give out 5-10 images don’t keep emailing me texting me saying you want more.. Your going to piss me off.

Just because you take a couple photos with a local photographer doesn't mean your very experienced or pro.

I am working on getting contract with two swimsuit designers so if your interested in shooting swimsuit let me know!!!

Write me and let me know your interested in shooting with me!!!

I am very happily married.. I am fortunate to have an awesome wife that lets me shoot the way i shoot...

Its all about the light.. A good photographer sees the light, great photographers feel the light...................

Here is a note i received from a model i know its long..

"I don't have enough kind and profound words to express how talented Ben is at his passion and career in the photography world. Ben was one of the first photographers who took me under his wing (on a TF!!) back in 2009, and has since then shot with me on multiple other occasions; so many of his images are posted in my portfolio because of the quality of the work he produces and the extremely positive feedback his images receive on an ongoing basis.
Ben didn't just 'point and shoot', he directed me, he coached me on angles and lighting/shadows and taught me about my body and how to work it to my advantage. He taught me how to smile with my eyes and make fierce connection with the lens, among so many other things... I could go on and on!
Ben also did my sister a favor, at my request, and shot her in a dance studio full of mirrors (which is NOT an easy thing to accomplish, for most photographers!). The images that were produced from that shoot ended up helping to land my sister a job as the main lead in an entertainment show in Saipan! Since then, she has gone on to become a traveling entertainer for Carnival Cruise Lines, also as a result, in part of having Ben's images in her portfolio.
Ben also photographed me when I was at my heaviest weight (as a swim wear model). I remember that day very specifically, I was very self conscience about my body and he made me feel so comfortable and beautiful and was professional as they come. In fact, 2 years after this shoot, the 'money shot' that came from this shoot in particular, was selected and I was entered as a contestant in the 2011 Miss Pacific Beach contest!
Ben is an amazing artist and has the ability to shoot whatever he desires, whenever he desires, almost to perfection (and that is only because all of us fall short of 'perfection' lol). His work is flawless, versatile and some of the most outstanding work I have seen in the industry.
I wish Ben all the success and as much recognition and he deserves for his passion, art and professional career. Ben, you are an amazingly talented photographer!" ~Melissa Alise


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