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I was six years old when I made my first serious piece of art and since then I have pursued art to communicate, explain, and reveal what I see in the world and how I see the world. I... more
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Randy Lagana



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Randy Lagana Model Citizen

about Randy Lagana


I was six years old when I made my first serious piece of art and since then I have pursued art to communicate, explain, and reveal what I see in the world and how I see the world. I wanted to make my living with my art but life happened and took me in a different direction. I worked as a police officer, drug counselor, and parole officer. However, I continued to make art every chance I could while working and earning a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Now that I am retired from state service I get to pursue and make art on a full-time basis.

I have been painting since I was 13, which gives me a little over 60 years experience. I have always used photography in conjunction with painting and viewed my camera as one more “brush” with which to create my visions. A friend asked me if I had considered making the photos the finished art. So I began to create art with the camera. Art is a way to see like poetry is a way to speak.

My background in painting drives my approach to photography. When creating a painting, I have an idea, brushes, a set of paints, and a canvas. When making a photo, I have an idea, my camera is my brush, my model is my set of paints, and the location is the canvas. I continue to push around all these elements until I get the result I want.

I have always known that art has incredibly therapeutic power. I have worked through my own personal issues while painting. I discovered that asking people to pose nude is very empowering. It is also a little scary, but pushing through the fear generates a sense of confidence and capability. I did not realize that anyone participating in the creative process could also benefit therapeutically until Elora and I collaborated.

This was her first experience posing nude. She is a talented yoga instructor and I thought she would be a fascinating model. We worked for a couple of hours and I was thrilled with the results. We had made some beautiful and powerful images and I thought there was nothing else to get from this experience. I was mistaken. Some time later, Elora revealed to me that I asked the right question at the perfect time, when I asked her to pose for me. She had been wrestling with past sexual abuse. She said I presented an open door to complete her journey and she chose to walk through it. It was the final part to make herself whole again and at peace with her history.

You never know what impact your art will have on someone. I never anticipated this and I am so honored to have played even a small part in the healing process. What a gift for both of us.


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  • Fabulous work Randy. Image after image: stunning. Steven KR seems to have captured a number of gems in his favorites gallery too. Seems us old guys need to keep the art alive!

  • Great portfolio!

  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

  • thanks for adding may pisture to your gallery

  • You have a lot of beautiful work Randy, I enjoyed looking through your portfolio. Bravo.

  • Awesome portfolio I enjoyed every minute looking at your images.

    • Thank you so much! I enjoyed viewing your portfolio as well. You have made wonderful images.

  • What a beautiful and moving artistic statement you have made in your profile and your portfolio. The story about and from Elora is very moving. I have seen more of your work on instagram than you have shared here so far and it's beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more!

    • Thank you so much for your appreciation and kind words. My wife and I moved from Connecticut 2 years ago and stayed with a friend in Danville waiting for our house to be ready in Orcutt. I see you are in Walnut Creek. Perhaps when visiting our friend we could get together for coffee and talk about art, if you are interested. I'm always interested in connecting with other artists, especially since I'm new to California. Thanks again for appreciating my work.

  • You have an inspiring portfolio! I look forward to seeing more.

    • Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your kind words and I hope to add new images soon.

  • You have a really gorgeous portfolio.

  • Thank you so much! I appreciate being a part of this community which has a wonderful goal supported by so many talented people. And thank you for adding a couple of my images to your gallery. The Admin Support Staff has been terrific.

  • Welcome to Model Society! You have a lovely portfolio. Can't wait to see how you branch out into the community :) We're here to help if you need anything.