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Paul Blieden is a published photographer whose images have appeared in newspapers, books and magazines. His images have been exhibited in numerous gallery shows, at the Peninsula... more
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about pblieden


Paul Blieden is a published photographer whose images have appeared in newspapers, books and magazines.

His images have been exhibited in numerous gallery shows, at the Peninsula Art Museum, at the Torrance Art Museum, as well as on the sets of many movies and television programs. Several images were part of an international juried art show in Santa Maria, Columbia called Expoerotika 2015.

He always states that he must acknowledge all the wonderful models he has worked with for without their skills he would be nothing !!

He has curated numerous photography and art shows.

Paul has been a fashion and headshot photographer since 2003. His clientele include actors and models, including those developing their portfolios. His headshot and fashion business is called South Bay on extended hiatus.

Check out his book "The Emerging Goddess"


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  • Absolutely beautiful images!! I hope to get the chance to work together sometime! Maybe this fall when I visit california.

  • Paul, you honor and celebrate the models. your rapport is evident, collaborators. This is legacy work.

  • Thank you for thé appriciation of my work. I admire yours.

  • Thanks for the comments!

  • I tried to your question about skin tones/texture but for whatever reason MS messaging is not working.
    SO I sent it to your MM account. Hopeful it will reach you.

  • My sincere thanks for the comments!

  • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am a fan of your work as well.


  • Thank you for your comments! Great portfolio you have!

  • Dear Paul,
    Thanks for your comments & interest in my Alhambra photos. In reply to your question as to how I was able to take artistic nude shots inside the Alhambra, I was fortunate to participate in a group of photographers that obtained special permission to gain private access inside a tower with our nude models for a lengthy photography session....a one of a kind experience!
    Your work is very impressive.
    Best wishes for the New Year!

  • Thanks for all the comments Paul. :-)
    I agree, Kelsey is an amazing model. I look forward to working with her again.

  • A great work. Very nice postures and models.
    Real awesome capture of the emotion.

  • Thank you for the compliment, Mel is a truly talented model.

  • Thank you Paul.

  • Your portfolio is a powerful reminder that there is no greater work of art than a woman. Truly beautiful, inspiring and heart-touching work!

  • Thanks for your kind comments too. As you can see from my favorites I tend to prefer very simple almost elemental images. Although I've found many new images in recent years that I'm really learning to appreciate. I might formerly have dismissed them as too busy. Now I am starting to understand the interplay of many elements in an image and my aesthetic taste is changing accordingly.

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