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Former museum curator, and commercial advertising photographer. My undergraduate degree is from RIT (Rochester, NY) in Photo Illustration with a minor in Photo Science. I worked as an... more
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Northlight Studios



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about Northlight Studios


Former museum curator, and commercial advertising photographer. My undergraduate degree is from RIT (Rochester, NY) in Photo Illustration with a minor in Photo Science. I worked as an art and photo history educator for many years. I now focus on fine art photography and no longer work commercially. I occasionally sell work through the Duncan-Miller Gallery and the Your Daily Photograph site hosted by that gallery. See my LinkTree link above for some of my in-print work.


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  • Very many thanks for adding one of my photos to your gallery "Stunning Nudes in Nature".
    Your portfolio is quite stunning.

  • Thank you for the follow; and, nice to know more about your background. Your work consistently shows an impressive, accomplished technical skill level combined with seasoned, tasteful artistic expertise.

    • Thanks for commenting here too. I follow you on Instagram (@northlight1977) and we have photographed many of the same models. Have appreciated your work for a long time as well. Just glad to see the un-Instagramed versions here.

    • Agree on all points... 😊🙏👍

  • Thanks for adding my work tom your galleries - much appreciated :)

    • No problem, really nice imagery. I just checked and realized I wasn't following you either. (I am now). Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks - very flattered to be followed by someone with such a body of work :)

    • I wish I had a body as nice as these! Appreciate your appreciation.

  • Would love to work with you in the near future

    • Hope we can make that happen! Love your posted work here too. Thanks for leaving the comment here as well.

  • Thank you so much for the warm welcome! There is also a sense of the familiar in your work for me; I've been around quite a long time, (I'm old!), and have exhibited quite a bit. I look forward to my time here, and to seeing more fantastic work from you and others.

  • I am very happy and honoured to get appreciation from you ! Love your work. Lot of inspiration for me.
    Thank you.

  • Really nice work Phil.

    • Thanks so much Mark. And thanks again for taking the time to comment on several of the individual images. Always appreciated! Your work is also diverse and aesthetically very pleasing. Will leave this on your profile too.

  • You are my kind of photog! Saw you started following me. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments. You bet! Let me know if you decide to come out of retirement too!

  • Love your port. Your images are captivating.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Love your lyrical and fantasy imagery a bunch too. And I always enjoy the female look at the female form. It's a perspective that I will likely never fully comprehend. Lily in Black Water and Mary Magdalene are stunning and engaging images. Happy to follow your vision here too.

  • Sir your works are to learn from you...

  • Some of the most marvelous photos one can expect of the human form, often in combination with awesome nature. Love it. Keep up the beautiful work!

    • I visited your web site and was enthralled with many of the painted form videos. Basalt Woman was striking and I especially loved the muted color in the second half of Dolmen women. Really enjoyed Red & Blue too. You seem to have found a number of great natural features in the outdoors as well. Love to see more of your work here too. Maybe you can encourage the publisher to incorporate video or allow linking to Vimeo?

    • Thanks a lot, Philip - I appreciate your comments and replies very much. I am going to upload here more works. I don't know if this site allows linking to my videos, but they are easy to fond in my site.

  • Love your work.

    • I am a member of the Mutual Admiration Society as well. Love your images thematically and love the models you have chosen too.

  • Thanks Philip, I do tend to gravitate to darker and moodier images especially when working with the figure.
    Love your B&W work, especially those in and around beach cliffs?

    • Thanks John for your kind comments. Interesting I have ended up at the beach for so many shoots. The terrain is always changing, the light is usually beautiful from fog or overcast and it's one of the few places where nude shoots are permissible (some parks). And it's never on fire. There are so many places I cannot even get to from fires after two years, as there are still smoldering embers in redwoods that can break out into small fires. Those areas are still closed too. So beach cliffs may become the new default for me.

  • Hya - and thank you so much for connecting and support.
    Must say - love your work and sensuality in your work.

    • Thank-you for your kind comments. Love the work on your profile page and will take some time to dig deeper. Enjoy "The Survivalist" its not just another figure in the dunes image and very sensual at that.

  • She is exceptional and when you said she was new, I figured I had to show some extra love!!!


    • She (Jewels) is new here but long time model from Model Mayhem. But worth the effort to shoot with her. She's a Goddess.

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