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Math Meertens, born in 1959 in South Limburg. Netherlands. I have been photographing since my early childhood. I was 12 years old when I firs held a camera. I immediately became... more
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Math_photo Model Citizen

about Math_photo


Math Meertens, born in 1959 in South Limburg. Netherlands.

I have been photographing since my early childhood. I was 12 years old when I firs held a camera. I immediately became fascinated.

A few years later my father bought an Olympus Trip 35. At the time, this was a popular camera with a great lens. I used this camera more than my father. It was an inspiring introduction and formed the basis of my passion for photography.

In the 70s-80s-90s, slides (diapositive) were mainly photographed. These were shown using a slide projector. Of course, print photos were also taken. But this was expensive. I never worked in a dark room myself in order to develop photos myself.

At the age of 16, I got my first camera from my parents. A Pentax K2 with a 50mm lens.
I used this camera for a number of years. I mainly photographed my daily life and I also made the first portraits of my friends.

This was followed by a whole series of Canon cameras and lenses. Over time, my technical skills also improved.

I also had one of the first digital cameras. Unfortunately I can’t remember the brand and type. I have only used this camera for a very limited period of time. The quality was so bad that I quickly went back to the traditional film camera.

From about 2005 I switched to the Micro Four Thirds system from Minolta. Over the years I have worked with all types.

Now that I am in a later stage in my life and have more financial resources, I have switched to Leica. I concentrated on the M system and on the SL system. In addition, I use a Leica Q3 and a Leica CL for my daily fast shoots.

I have not followed any photography courses, nor is photography my profession. It is a hobby for me. Professionally I am involved in the design, production and sale of bathroom design products. I refer the reader who is interested in the professional part of my life to

I am a street photographer. I love to stroll the streets of a city on my own and capture life on the street. My favourite cities are Amsterdam – Hong Kong – Milan – Tokyo – New York. Hong Kong in particular has a lot to offer with all its variation.

For example, I recently did a photo shoot in the port of Hong Kong. In 2022 I participated in a workshop in New York. In 2023 I participated in a workshop in Tokyo. Within street photography I mainly focus on cityscapes.

Travel was not possible during the COVID period. Since I live in a small village in Belgian Limburg, there was not much to photograph. In order to be able to photograph, I have set up a fairly professional studio at home. Models and MUAs were invited. This has led to a high number of models shoots. Examples of these shoots are included in this website.

I spend a lot of time editing the photos. In my opinion, a photo only becomes special after editing in photo editing software. I use Capture One, Photoshop, Retouch4Me, and Silver Efex Pro. I also use the TK9 photoshop panel from Tony Kuypers.

I edit photos of models shot by shot. I want to get the best out of a photo. In landscapes or cityscapes I use the Zone technique developed by Ansel Adams.


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