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It all began as a younger lad exploring with camera and darkroom. Then came commercial photography school for a couple years, grad of '77. Photographed at a model agency for a year... more
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about Lightworkx


It all began as a younger lad exploring with camera and darkroom. Then came commercial photography school for a couple years, grad of '77. Photographed at a model agency for a year during that time. Then became a follower of the west coast style of B&W photography, as seen on my web site. Life has a way of circling around and photographing women once again became my main art making activity. Lovely, beautiful, mysterious, confident, and strong women.

With gratitude and respect to all the models.


Check out my website. For a variety of work including, Landscape, Still Life, Ice, projects, and of course more Art Nudes.


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  • Especially love your outdoor photography. I'm photographing Kate tomorrow and very much looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you. I have a keen interest in composition, simplification, and drama.

  • So great to work with you on your recent trip to the UK!

    • Thank you very much. I am grateful for the experience of meeting and working with such wonderful talented artist like yourself.

  • Extraordinary portfolio. Many of your models are personal favorites of mine too. You Canadians are so blessed!

    • I’ve been making trips there too, but it’s shorter flying time for you, and 2 months! Now I’m doubly envious 😂

    • Hahaha, you Canadians. Look who's talk'n I believe we are, still, I'm heading to the UK for two months in March and April. Might find a few personal favourites over there. Thank you for your kind words.

  • you made beautiful portrait

  • Fabulous portfolio of wonderful Art Nude work.

  • Thank you for your kind words about my portfolio! :)

  • Very impressed by the diversity of your work - with a common theme of excellence.

    • Excellence, thank you for that. I feel I owe it to the models to create something as good as I am able.

  • Thank you for the comments on my images... I enjoyed viewing your outstanding work.

  • I find very nice work in your profile.
    Greetings, Jens

  • Thank you for the kind words regarding my portfolio, and wonderful work that you do yourself: accomplished, sophisticated, and elegant, lovely stuff!

  • Great job, beautiful images!!!

    • Thank you very much. I appreciate the shared feelings of beauty.

  • Lovely images...

  • In addition to superb work a photographer who started with a 10x8 - I need to move beyond roll film! The quality of your work is clear.

    • The transition from 10X8, to 4X5 took many years, then I was slow to the digital format. Now use that exclusively. As I grow older the cameras get smaller and smaller. Isn’t that just perfect. Thanks for enjoying my work. In the landscape all the elements of an image have to resonate with me in some way to be of visual interest.

  • Thanks for your comments on my port today - great work throughout your port

    • Thank you very much. I am happy you have seen images you enjoy.

  • Superb work!

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