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My website is the place to see my photography. If you have an interest beyond this platform. This Model Society page is about women, the emotive qualities, shapes and curves, and In... more
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about Lightworkx


My website is the place to see my photography. If you have an interest beyond this platform.

This Model Society page is about women, the emotive qualities, shapes and curves, and In the spirit of a personal creative path, the timeless beauty they express. A personal approach, a way to visualize the creative mixture of photography and the body.

I present my work as a statement about the way I see naked beauty. The way a women sees herself, for me, is so very important. This attitude of expressing her beauty goes a long way to creating lasting works of art. To ‘'model', or to be just who you are. In any case, we begin to make Art with attitude.

I love to see women looking beautiful. All women. Because it's not about some definition of beauty that is in Webster's dictionary but rather about...

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Please check out my lightworkx website. For a variety of work including, Landscape, Still Life, Ice, projects, and of course more Art Nudes. Thanks



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  • Great job, beautiful images!!!

    • Thank you very much. I appreciate the shared feelings of beauty.

  • Lovely images...

  • In addition to superb work a photographer who started with a 10x8 - I need to move beyond roll film! The quality of your work is clear.

    • The transition from 10X8, to 4X5 took many years, then I was slow to the digital format. Now use that exclusively. As I grow older the cameras get smaller and smaller. Isn’t that just perfect. Thanks for enjoying my work. In the landscape all the elements of an image have to resonate with me in some way to be of visual interest.

  • Thanks for your comments on my port today - great work throughout your port

    • Thank you very much. I am happy you have seen images you enjoy.

  • Superb work!

  • Beautiful diverse portfolio - lovely work

  • Lovely portfolio, great posing throughout!

  • Your website is beautiful.

    • Thank you for checking out my website. Few people actually do. Created as much for myself than for anyone. I am blessed to be doing photography most of my life.

  • Thank you! You have a wonderful portfolio too! I look forward to more beautiful pics.

  • Thank you

  • Thank you for your most kind comments about my work.
    Your portfolio is absolutely fantastic and it gives me great pleasure to view it. Please keep up your amazing work as I so look forward to seeing your new images.

  • Thanks for sharing your amazing body of work. So varied by themes, models, locations yet all connected by a common Beautiful captures, beautiful edits.

  • Thank you for your incredible comment on my portfolio! Your words have touched my soul deeply..
    I am drawn to the diversity and beauty of your work. Your eye for capturing emotion is captivating!

  • Thank you for your kind words. Needless to say your work is excellent and vey inspiring. I'll make sure to checkout your website as well.

  • Compelling and beautiful work!

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