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All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. Sudheir Kumar is a photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. Under the creative identity of kumarfotographer, his... more
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All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

Sudheir Kumar is a photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. Under the creative identity of kumarfotographer, his work incorporates a unique style which combines the Indian concept of deep virginity and the New World’s wild emancipation of sensuality.

Born and raised in India, Kumar received a high school education and began creating art at the age of forty. A self-taught photographer with over twenty-five years of experience in the field, his portfolio encompasses the fashion, fitness, portrait, fine art nude photographic genres. Additionally, his qualifications provided him with the opportunity to work with models, dancers, and actors from all over the world.

Using the artistic name, kumarfotographer, he creates nude photographs that highlight the beauty of the human form. His photographic work imbues his own culture in them and highlights nudity as art instead of a sexual theme. Furthermore, his images emphasize the concept that the naked body is beautiful and has godly qualities rather than it being a hypersexualized object. Additionally, the work of kumarfotographer avoids capturing the nude form as something vulgar.

Sudheir Kumar’s major inspiration for his work is a combination of his Indian culture and the European reality he currently lives in. Additionally, he uses his own memories of growing up in India and his life in Europe as an adult to inform his concepts. Through his images, he strives to depict the differences between Eastern and Western cultures. Furthermore, he often juxtaposes these two vastly different and even clashing ideas in his compositions. Aside from his own life, he also looks at other masters in nude photography for ideas and inspiration.

kumarfotographer is interested in creating the perfect concept in his imagery. For him, the visible emotions and hidden feelings take center stage in his photographs. Moreover, he strives to balance these two concepts—of what is visible and what is hidden—and have the ending result incite the viewers’ desire to touch and feel what the image portrays. As simple as an image can be, it can still develop into something extraordinary. Something that successfully depicts the relationship between the model, the photographer, and the viewer.

Kumar has previously done work in Bollywood and hoped to one day make his way to Hollywood. Furthermore, one of his professional goals is to conduct a private photoshoot with Hollywood celebrities. And, hopes to one day collaborate with Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, Italian actress Monica Bellucci, and Mexican American actress Salma Hayek—his personal icons of femininity.

Through the nude photographs created under kumarfotographer, Sudheir Kumar focuses on creating a narrative and telling the viewer a story of the east and the west.

On June 20, 2019 kumarfotographer had taken part in the exibition THIS IS LUST of Art Provocateur Gallery and STRUCK Contemporary in Toronto.


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  • great stuff, love the greys

  • Welcome to Model Society! Your portfolio is beautiful. So excited to see what else you create here within the community :) Let us know if we can help with anything.

    • Yes! You can order individual print editions through our Academy website at

    • thank you so much for beautiful words, I have a question do you print ( Model Society ) magazine ?