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Karolina Winters

Photographer / Artist
Hi! My name is Kar, I'm a photographer/MUA/SFX artist based in Cork, Ireland. I currently travel for photoshoots across the island. I combine all three professions to produce eye... more
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Karolina Winters



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Karolina Winters

about Karolina Winters


Hi! My name is Kar, I'm a photographer/MUA/SFX artist based in Cork, Ireland.

I currently travel for photoshoots across the island.

I combine all three professions to produce eye catching, impactful imagery. I work a lot with both body and face paint to create thought provoking work. I also love creating my own props for big projects, especially for the historical genre.

Prior to my photography and SFX adventure I have been an avid painter/sketch of life drawing, character and prop design. Art has always been a paramount part of my life - t is my way of expression and I absolutely love sharing that with other artists. I feel that through photography I have discovered the perfect blend of my past interests into a sizzling volcano of creative freedom.

My current genres of focus are:
Art Nude with or without paint.
Historically inspired looks and settings.
Cinematographic, i.e landscape portraiture.

Currently looking for but not restricted to:
Models with ballet experience.
Martial arts.
Horse riding.

However I am open to many other genres and ideas, absolutely love exploring new avenues of art I have not pursued before. If you are interested in working with me - give me a shout and well brainstorm!


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  • Thank you so much for your follow Karolina....good luck on here !

  • Hi Karolina,
    Thanks for the follow, you have a very inspiring work!

  • Welcome to Model Society! Your portfolio is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you create here with the community :) We're here to help if you need anything along the way.

  • Hi Kar, many thanks for taking the time to view my port and add two of my images to your wonderful collection. Like your body of work, love the painted body project, have not tried it myself yet but interested enough to try at some stage. And nice to have my work appreciated by a fellow Corkonian!!

    • Thank you for that, Bring based in London I do have access to a range of male models but my principal project at the moment is my chronology of models I've worked with over the years. I am working with one model who I first photographed when he was 18 he is now 43, lol. Some others I photographed in their 20's, '30s, 40's and now are entering their 50's. All no longer model but agree to do so for me to continue the record.

    • It was a pleasure browsing your collection! And a fellow Corkonian at that, amazing! I'm currently looking for inspiration for capturing male figures, but I find this is a highly female dominated genre - at least in my area it's hard to find male models.
      Thank you so much, I find there is something very cathartic in using a medium more reserved for canvas, on a human body - I'd highly recommend it.

  • Welcome aboard. Intriguing profile image that caught my eye right from the get-go. Love your choice of model; great hair and form. The image "Lines," is also very intriguing. Hope to see more as you post here. Thanks for sharing your work.