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Jan-Karel Kok

Photographer / Artist
Starting way back in the days of film and real dark rooms I photographed friends and and people around me. Small things also had my fascination. I even have a degree in photography... more
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Jan-Karel Kok



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Jan-Karel Kok

about Jan-Karel Kok


Starting way back in the days of film and real dark rooms I photographed friends and and people around me. Small things also had my fascination. I even have a degree in photography (1982) but psychology stayed my main occupation as my parents did not agree me studying arts. But the blood runs thicker than water: I kept photographing as much as I could.

Fine art nude got my interest from the work of Luciën Clergue and als Kishin Shinoyama. Lack of models I started with nude selfportraits. If I remember well my first artistic nude dates back to 2006. She understood well the intention: creating art. Later my partner agreed to model for me. Eventually I ended up in my homestudio which is growing into a studiohome. I prefer to work in my studio but lately I also work on location. If I have a message it would be a struggle to enjoy the beauty of a body, regardless of age. A struggle, because for me too it is not always evident.

As I am retired I got lots of time which adds to my experience. I still make photos in nature, I still make nude self portraits and recently I did return to film, using some vintage camera's.

Well that is me in very few words...


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  • Such a stunning portfolio. Really beautiful work!

  • Nice to see each you here too. Beautiful artistic work. I love the creativity and vulnerability of your images.

    • Inderdaad! Jij ook hier :-) Thank you very much for your comment. I try to stay on my own path; always a bit different, always a bit the same.

  • Mooie collectie !

  • As a former museum curator, I would tell you to get your work out to the fine art crowd. Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica is doing a lot to promote fine art work from vintage notable artists through new and emerging artists. They sponsor the Your Daily Photograph website too, check it out.

    • The website you mentioned repeats the subscription page. No photos :-(

    • Okay, I'm in :-)

      Interesting site

    • I don't consider myself a buyer though ;-)

    • and sign-up for starters (it’s free) and then you can access any archives or see what’s sold previously and in collection. Let me know how it goes?

    • Also see: to see what's been for sale.

    • No need to buy here's the submission point of entry:
      I'd bet if you submitted some of your images they'd start making them available for sale.

  • Beautiful imagery! Thank you your portfolio is an inspiration to me as I continue to self-photograph!

  • Thank you for adding one of our images among your Favorites.

  • I really like your portfolio. It includes a lot of beauiful images. Specially te images of Ilse. They are stunning. Hope to see more of you i the future.

    • Thank you! Ans I will tell her!

      Can you put into words what makes them more appealing to you?

    • A perfekt model beautilly lightend. It couldn’t be better.

  • Beautiful work - I love your style! We also sometimes shoot on film, 35mm and 6x6 format. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring and sensual images.

    • Thank you! You will see more in the near future. Sometimes it takes a while, for I tend to wait till I have edited the whole series.

    • I generally don't edit any of our images beyond cropping :-) I don't want to spend the time! The biggest thing I do is change contrast/exposure in camera from the RAW file.

  • Nice to see you here! :-)

  • Beautiful work, thank you for comment!

  • Beautiful work! Welcome to Model Society. Looking forward to seeing more. Let us know if we can help with anything.

    • Thank you! And I am glad I am finally here! I intend to post more of my work by and by.

      At the moment I have no questions... I have not read all the info yet, but I will.

  • You have a really lovely and captivating portfolio.