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Hobbyist Nude photographer Photographer 🐺 𐱃𐰆𐰺𐰴 🐺 📍London /UK Models please feel free to get in touch. Hi 👋, my name is Mehrad, and I have a deep passion for... more
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In_Art Photo

about In_Art Photo


Hobbyist Nude photographer

Photographer 🐺 𐱃𐰆𐰺𐰴 🐺
📍London /UK
Models please feel free to get in touch.

Hi 👋, my name is Mehrad, and I have a deep passion for photography. I have been honing my skills in this art form for several years now, constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of my creativity. My photographic journey began with architectural photography, where I captured the beauty and intricacies of structures. However, I soon ventured into the realm of portraiture, seeking to capture the essence and emotions of individuals through my lens.

As I delved deeper into the world of portraits, I also dabbled in fashion photography, experimenting with different styles and techniques. Although I enjoyed the process, I eventually found myself yearning for something more, a unique perspective that would truly resonate with me. It was during this search that I came across some breathtaking nude photographs, and I decided to take a leap of faith and explore this genre.

To my delight, I discovered that nude photography allowed me to express myself in a way that felt authentic and captivating. The interplay of light, shadow, and the human form became my canvas, enabling me to create evocative and thought-provoking imagery. Since then, I have been immersed in the world of nude photography, continuously refining my skills and techniques, and finding fulfillment in every click of the shutter.

I am a firm believer in lifelong learning, and I constantly seek out opportunities to expand my knowledge and enhance my craft. Whether it's mastering new lighting techniques, exploring innovative post-processing methods, or studying the works of renowned photographers, I strive to continually improve my work and deliver images that evoke emotions and tell compelling stories.

Through my photography, I aim to capture the raw beauty and vulnerability of the human form, celebrating diversity and challenging societal norms. I invite viewers to embrace their own uniqueness and appreciate the inherent artistry of the human body.

Thank you for joining me on this visual journey, and I look forward to sharing my passion and artistry with you.


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  • A portfolio worthy for further explorations.

  • Welcome to Model Society! You have a beautiful portfolio that I enjoyed viewing. I want to encourage you to stay inspired and keep creating. The world is a much better place with art!

    Best Regards, Tim :)

    • Thank you so much, Tim! I really appreciate your warm welcome and kind words about my portfolio. It's wonderful to be a part of Model Society, and I'm truly inspired by the supportive and creative community here. Your encouragement means a lot, and I look forward to continuing to create and share my work with the world. You're absolutely right – art has the power to make the world a better place. Best regards, Mehrad! :)

  • Welcome to Model Society! So happy to see your work here, can't wait to see what you create here with the community :) We're here to help if you need anything along the way.

    • Thank you, it's good to be here I hope to work with many new creative people here.

  • Beautiful work!