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Douglas Ross

Artist / Photographer
Model Citizen
My active creative life began in 1984 as a painter. I started using a camera as an art making tool in 1996. There have been two main strands to my work: trying to see the mythic... more
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Douglas Ross



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Douglas Ross Model Citizen

about Douglas Ross


My active creative life began in 1984 as a painter. I started using a camera as an art making tool in 1996. There have been two main strands to my work: trying to see the mythic dimension in all our lives; and working closely with the people that I photograph to co-create work in terms of the themes, style and symbolism.


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  • Wow! A mesmerising portfolio of beautiful work! There's so much artistry and creativity in your images.I, too, could fave every image here.

  • Just blown away by your portfolio... I could fave every image here. Incredible creativity, consummate craftsmanship, awe-inspiring story telling, and heart-stopping beauty... if you have a book of your work I'd like to buy a copy. If you don't, please make one!

  • Seriously strong portfolio!

  • Your concepts and composition are amazing.

  • Thank you so much for adding one of my images to your "Favorite" gallery! I am honored. I looked thru your portfolio and was fascinated how each image told a story. Your attention to details in the setting of each image made each image a part of a movie set. Amazing work!

  • Enjoy your creative, thought-provoking images. Metaphor is what keeps me looking and searching for meaning in works of art. As it does in your Art.

  • Very much enjoying looking at your work! I would love to shoot in Ireland, the light quality is amazing, and the stunning beauty, natural and historical likewise. Looking forward to seeing more images from you!

  • Very imaginative world well captured. I love stories in images and I had a lot of pleasure looking at your portfolio

  • Your art work is lovely. I really like the 'stories' your images tell.

    • Thank you Vox. For me the story telling is the most fulfilling part of the work...connecting with someone and finding a part of their story that really resonates.

  • Love the soft colors and lighting through out your work, along with the story telling in all the images!

  • Wonderful and imaginative imagery.. Very impressive, not just your eye behind the camera but the imagination and creativity to create such inspiring picture.. Amazing, simply Amazing...

  • Oh yes ! if you look quickly these images could of been painted.....they defenatly catch your eye.

  • Although I must confess to preferring the simpler images, I am fascinated by the seamless blending of the real and the surreal. Your background as a painter is obvious; you photograph as a painter rather than as a photographer.

  • thought provokingly beautiful work...

  • Loving the creativity and solid craftsmanship! Beautiful work.

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