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While primarily a photographer, I want to pay tribute the feminine form and spirit with authenticity and integrity. I want to demonstrate the intelligence and range of characters that... more
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Dorola Visual Artist



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Dorola Visual Artist

about Dorola Visual Artist


While primarily a photographer, I want to pay tribute the feminine form and spirit with authenticity and integrity. I want to demonstrate the intelligence and range of characters that women have. I also want to combat the negative stereotypes where women are shown to be submissive and oppressed. There are hypocritical elements of our culture that want to impose false morals and subordinate the freedom and value of women. Let my work show that these are vile deceptions and that woman are not to be marginalized.

I'm ready for any type of theme. I can shoot in my studio, on location, outdoors and even underwater. Let's have some costume and cut them up. Maybe you can climb a tree or we can go to a canyon or desert. Let's not be limited by imagination.


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  • What a pleasure it is to digest your nutrient-dense creations, prose included. Honored to know that one of our images made it's way to your gallery, especially since your artwork is sourced from such pure purpose. A true delight for the senses, thanks so much for the intimate shares.

    • Gee willikers! Praises & invite well received. Ya know, Canada has called over the years. I'll be right alongside you with that intention.

    • I truly think you make spectacular imagery and know that I would love to photograph you in a unique setting, I already know you would be spectacular. Let's hope we can find a way to make art together in the near future.

  • Thank you for adding my image to your gallery !

  • Thank You for adding my creation to your galleries.
    Thank You,

  • I'd love to come work with you.

  • I like your work and your bio... I detest images portraying women as submissive, oppressed or in bondage. Like you, that's not my cup of tea. Women are the most beautiful thing on the planet. I adore them and try to capture their beauty in my photography.

    • We need to change our whole outlook on women. First of all, we need to treat them with equity as a man. In fact we need to remove the barriers that suggest woman are different. Unfortunately women are made to feel inferior by government, culture, business and religion. It is those entities that are harmful. When I photograph a woman, it is to combat those hypocritical "Puritan" entries and illustrate women as free, empowered, uninhibited and strong. I gave up commercial shooting of women's products as most of the promote the lie that women are not good enough with the products.

  • Thanks for including Aim.model in your Abstracte Gallery. We both appreciate it, your own work is inspring!

    • I hope to shoot with Aim if she will come east on her tour. Everything I hear is wonderful. I see we have similar taste in models and have photographed a few of the same ones. Amazing since you are on the other side of the world. Keep up the great work.

  • Do you ever travel to NYC?

  • Thank you for your follow.....!

    • I love all your work. The manner that you present the feminine spirit and physique is just amazing. I can't think of any theme that I would not shoot with you. Hopefully I get a chance to travel again. I do hosting in Canada if you ever travel here.

  • Your photos are Captivating, Powerfully Evocative, and Beautiful Beyond Imagination!! Your Portfolio is Inspiring, I Really Love Your Work, You have a follower!!

  • I like your philosophy !

  • Do you ever travel the Big Apple?

  • Graceful and beautiful.