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Shooting images of a model is very much like shooting images of a landscape — to a point. The light, the composition, the depth of field are all approached from the same place as with... more
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about DKA


Shooting images of a model is very much like shooting images of a landscape — to a point. The light, the composition, the depth of field are all approached from the same place as with a landscape. But there is an added dimension. Here, the subject is also conscious, and in the best case they are also in “the Zone” and experiencing a moment of Satori!

There is always an interaction between two persons when working together. Depending on multiple factors, including the personality and presentation of the subject, there might even be somewhat of an intimate response. As an adult attempting to create art through present moment awareness, that personal and sometimes intimate energy is best channeled through creativity and the desire to find beauty and truth through the subject and photographic process. So, that initial intimate, and somewhat uncomfortable relationship is accepted and channeled to creativity. When capturing these images, creativity is the focus of intentions between individuals involved. In the best case scenario, we are there for the same reasons, and discomfort fades away and creativity becomes the focus. Our personal lives and problems are not relevant during the photo session. Only creating artistic images.

There are many reasons to want to photograph models, and many reasons for models to want to be photographed. Common intent, and the ability to synchronize that intent through present moment awareness while working is where it all comes together for me. When this happens, I leave a session energized and feeling alive, and I have a pretty good idea as to the quality of images I can expect when I develop the film Many of the models I am working with are highly educated and intelligent, and self-aware, comfortable and confident. They are looking to create and express, not to advertise and sell.

These photographs document the those creative interactions, using a variety of both traditional and modern tools. Antique lenses as well as modern cameras, both digital and film are used. My goal is to present the subject as an intimate portrait, allowing their being to shine through the images.


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  • Thank you adding my photo!

  • Fantastic portfolio. Really interesting concepts.

  • Beautiful work. ❤️

  • Nice :-)

  • M. Aimone est sympathique, minutieux, créatif et professionnel. Ce fût agréable de créer avec lui car, il est ouvert d'esprit et simple d'approche.
    Au plaisir de travailler avec lui de nouveau!

    Mr. Aimone is friendly, meticulous, creative, and professional. It was pleasant to create with him because he is open-minded and easy going.
    Looking forward to working with him again!

    • Thank you Flos! You were wonderful to work with as well, very creative!

  • Congratulations on your feature in the current Issue of Model Society Magazine!! Your photos are stunning, and I really enjoyed your insights as well!
    I wish you all the best, and I Look forward to seeing more of your work!

    • Thanks!!! Congrats to you too!!!

    • I am also happy that the models have given their forms to the photos and that they do deserve much of the credit. Lovely work, and you are quite correct about capturing the soul, which is different than most other photography. It seems we have a similar aesthetic...

    • You're Most Welcome!!I

      I Truly Appreciate that, Thank You Very Much Kind Sir!! I'm Honoured and Deeply Grateful to MS for giving me this Incredible Opportunity!! Truthfully I'm almost More Excited to see my models being featured, they deserve it just as much!!

  • Thank you very much for following me. I am new to the group as of two days ago and hope I don't disappoint.

    • Your work looks great to me Bruce, a similar kind of calm no drama beauty. Well done and welcome!

  • I think your portfolio is fantastic. It's quiet with nice lighting, thoughtful shots, and no drama.

  • What a spectacularly beautiful portfolio. You do great justice to the unending glory that is female beauty.

  • Miss working with you! Hope you're well. Enjoy your newest adventure. :)

    • Any time Breanna! I hope you are well!

  • superb work on every level

  • Many thanks for the comments. And I now realize that I've the work I've marveled at both here and on MM was from you!

    • Thank you SO much! Appreciate the comment! I see you're not too far away... Lovely work!

  • I love your creative use of lighting and shadow to really make the images come alive.. the composition in your photos are also impeccable... remarkable work.. I love it.. thank you for sharing.

  • Exquisite work that honors beautiful composition, light, shadow, and the creative flow of the models' bodies and souls.

  • Lovely work!

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