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Overview: My primary career was spent as a professional engineer (in the petroleum sector). Photography has been a serious sideline for decades, and my related pursuits have... more
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about Deekay Images


My primary career was spent as a professional engineer (in the petroleum sector). Photography has been a serious sideline for decades, and my related pursuits have generally involved the female form.

My early work (starting when I managed to buy my first "very used" Nikon FTn body about 2 years after college graduation) soon included being a designated photographer for model portfolio development at a prominent, national modeling agency branch in Denver, Coloado, along with doing fairly regular individual portraiture for professional organizations and local businesses. I also sold a color feature, including cover and centerfold to the Denver magazine, which supplied encouragement for me to switch careers and pursue pro photography.

Like many who pick up a camera, I was inspired by the glamour work of publications such as (earlier) Playboy (R), impressed / influenced by their idealization of the "glam" female form of the day - particularly innovative photographers like Richard Fegley - and tried to learn related lighting and posing techniques - which was relatively challenging prior to having all the sources currently available. I am undoubtedly still affected by many of those beginning influences, especially the idealization of human/ female form... not by notably altering it in post-processing, but by viewing/capturing it from complimentary positions and typically using lens lengths that lend themselves to this objective. Sometimes an unusual viewpoint, perspective or lens focal length produces notably "interesting" photographs, and there are those who can consistently create true art this way; but, generally speaking, that is not my approach.

Reality - followed the money:
After getting an unexpected/ unsolicited, generous offer and succumbing to it, I accepted an international petroleum engineering consultant assignment and took up residence in SE Asia. Given the remote, generally undeveloped setting, trying to pursue glamour photography was unrealistic; so, I necessarily shifted into what would most closely be categorized as photojournalism. Shooting film was the only option, and getting acceptable processing and development was much more of a challenge (and/or concern) than it had been state-side. But, the experience was useful and increased my appreciation for things that were previously taken for granted. The "when in Rome" adage took on more relevance. The international lifestyle and associated travel opportunities were not difficult to get used to; thus, I spent over 20 years in total living abroad.

Current Pursuits:
Skipping forward, during the past few years I have been largely focused on fine art nudes in scenic outdoor settings. Even in Southern California the outdoors temperature of most locations becomes a bit chilly during winter months, which provides just enough incentive for me to shoot indoors during that period to maintain (or, maybe even improve) my studio/ location lighting skills. And, I try to make myself use only the number of light heads or monolights needed to create the desired lighting for the scene; and, reduce my tendency to over-complicate it... despite liking such complexity.


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  • Fabulous portfolio!

  • Such a stunning portfolio. Really beautiful work!

  • Such an awesome and inspiring portfolio.

    • I greatly appreciate such positive feedback, especially when it's coming from someone with you exceptional photographic abilities and vast experience. Thanks very much!

  • The quality and diversity of your work is stunning. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Thank you for your kind words! A "lesser strength" of mine is likely my tendency to tire of shooting images that are too similar, so at least some of the diversity aspect hinges around keeping myself interested. 🙏

  • Stunning work!

  • Thank you so much for the kind words. I really enjoy your great talent for portraying the human form in nature. Your images really combine nature and the human element into an outstanding work of art.

  • Thanks for getting back to me your images are outstanding.

  • Thanks for following my work

  • What an outstanding Fine Art Portfolio.

    • Thank you! I am pleased that you took the time to view and comment on it, as that made me look at (and admire) yours... 😊

  • Fantastic work!

    • Thank you very much! Seeing your superb fitness level gives me motivation to use my gym more regularly. 👍😊

  • Really beautiful portfolio!

    • Thanks very much! Getting ready now for a trip to the Moab, Utah area and a multi-model, multi-day shoot... should supply some new posts soon. 🙏

  • See you very soon! Im now in Moab!

    • Very much looking forward to it... and, I'll bring along some decent California wine to aid in our post-shoot image discussions and analyses... as per April's guidance, of course. 😊

  • Hi Deekay, love your portfolio. So many stunning images. Thanks for your kind comments. I'd love to feature your work in the magazine.

    • I appreciate you kind feedback and potential interest in using some of my images in your magazine. Do you have guidelines that I could go over, so I more clearly understand the type of images that you are interested in using? Thanks in advance!

    • Of course. ION Magazine is a free, independent, community-oriented art nude photography magazine. Download the current and past issues to get an idea of the format. The submission guidelines are on the website.

  • Gorgeous work! You have an incredible eye for composition and color synergy.

    • Thank you for your kind feedback, it is appreciated. I will message you with additional information. 🙏

  • Beautiful technique. Stunning women models. Spectacular locations. First-class work that I hope to see more of in the future.

    • Your presence on this site is most welcome, Involvement we look forward to seeing, but recognition, well that is a strange one. Considering the number of photographers and models you would think there would be more and more discussion too. But no, for that we have IG! Myself, I prefer this site for obvious reasons.

    • Thank you for your kind compliments. I do try to pick both models and locations that are out of the ordinary, which as I'm sure you know is not always easy, so having such positive feedback is a real plus. I expect to be adding many more of my past images here, and already have many shoots in this years plans, so I have hopes my presence, involvement and recognition on the site will be more substantial going forward. Thank for your kind remarks and time!

    • Well said; and, thank you. It has amazed me from my initial involvement on IG that it had largely taken over model/ photographer correspondence and bookings, since it was despite it not really being suited for it in ways that other sites already were. And, the number of likes an image getting typically only has minimal relationship to the quality of the image/ photography. So, my focus will almost certainly continue to shift toward this site and only post enough on IG to show a presence (while trying to avoid account deletion a second time). 🙏👍

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