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Now shooting new photos and creating mixed media pieces for my Fourth Turning / 'Covefefe' Series. Celebrating people, getting-by in style, in a broken (but still good ;0)... more
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about artphotodude


Now shooting new photos and creating mixed media pieces for my Fourth Turning / 'Covefefe' Series.

Celebrating people, getting-by in style, in a broken (but still good ;0) world...


These images represent the academic 'searching' of this artist, and chart a slow and subtle growth in technique and concept over a Nine-year period.

Adam V. Albrec is the oldest of a whole 'heap' of children from Sandpoint, Idaho and a graduate in Art from the University of Idaho. An avid photographer/painter and sculptor for over 30-years, it was only in college that he turned his attention to the nude as an artistic subject.

An audio/visual synesthete (seeing vivid visual imagery in response to audio-stimulation like speech and the tone of another's voice), he realized early-on that unlike most of his colleagues that looked for models to fit an idea or look, the best results came from finding models with fun, sophisticated natures and then allowing his impressions of them to direct the work. Technique, mood and pose were then customized to make the most of over 100 excellent subject's personalities - from all walks of life.

The equipment used for the work has grown over the project from film to digital, then back to film and so on and has made use of more than 15-different photographic systems, experimental darkroom techniques and cutting-edge digital mastering. Over the last 2-years, Adam's actively branched into Open-Source Computer Programming for Mac/Linux and Science Fiction writing. His first novel "Rotation" - comes out in 2017.

•• P.S. Have we shot together and you are also on Model Society?? If so please hit-me-up by email and I'll gladly add a credit to the images of you!


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  •  Gibson
    4 days ago

    Thankyou.... Oh, and you have some great work:-)

  • Thanks for all the kind words and saves. You have a fine portfolio yourself.

  •  pblieden
    last week

    Thank you for following my portfolio
    love your style

  •  Lisa Everhart
    last week

    Thank you Adam. I hope your weekend goes well.

  •  Matthew Joseph Peak
    2 months ago

    So awesome to run across you and your so great photos....Keep the spirit flowing!

  •  imagesse
    2 months ago

    Thanks for the comments - I have enjoyed discovering your work by return.
    Long live truth and beauty!

  •  Blonde le Banc
    4 months ago

    I am very pleased to have discovered your work today as I reviewed recently posted images.

  •  Fred Scholpp Photo
    4 months ago

    Love your work, you are catching the contours of the body in an excellent manner!
    (BTW from your comment on my images, you leave me wondering, who's Maynard? )

  •  Lisa Everhart
    4 months ago

    Thank you so much for the gallery additions and kind comments. Know that you now have another big fan. Your work is lovely.

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