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I am a lifelong creative and artist. I love to design, create and recreate. I love photography, cartography, and graphic design/manipulation. As a map maker by day, my first work... more
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Art Studios Huck



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Art Studios Huck Model Citizen

about Art Studios Huck


I am a lifelong creative and artist. I love to design, create and recreate. I love photography, cartography, and graphic design/manipulation.

As a map maker by day, my first work incorporated cartographic elements with that of human form. I have enjoyed fashion photography for some time and look to incorporate fashion elements into my nude photography. However, I try to use clothing as an accent to the model and to tell a story. Otherwise my work tends to focus on figure and form as I am fascinated by the human body, it’s curves, shape, gentle undulations and unique beauty in every body.

I am an advocate for naturism and when I began this exploration into nude art, I practiced using myself as a model and have come to enjoy self portraiture and appreciate those self-portraits of others. I love working in a team/group setting and I'm always up for a collaboration!

I hope you enjoy my work!


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  • Beautiful body of work.

  • Wonderful portfolio! Great work!

    • Much appreciated Jacob - love your portfolio as well and have actually referenced some of your work in a recent shoot I modeled for. Its great to connect with a fellow male nude model as we're few and far between in the fine art space.

  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

  • Beautiful work from you and the talented models you've created with

  • Thank you so much for adding one of my images to your collection!

  • Really digging your bodymap series!

    • I'd love to see how that turns out! One thing that I liked about it not mapping as closely to natural contour lines, is that it forces the viewer to consider the juxtapositions between the lines and natural structure. But a closer mapping would only amplify the structure, in ways I can't wait to see!

    • Thank you! It's one of my favorites as well. It's something I want to do again but I want to do the body painting this go around and try to get the contour lines as true to form as possible so its actually a human contour map.

  • Lovely work. I am especially intrigued by your choice of warm toning of the male nudes. I think it works very well. Perhaps we can collaborate one day.

    • Thank you very much! I thought the sepia style worked well also - much appreciated! I'd love to collaborate on something...I've been looking to expand my modeling work from just self portrait and also open other forms of collaboration - just shoot me a message if you have something in mind.

  • I love the body mapping. It's very unique.

    • Thank you so much! It's a concept I really want to explore more and explore the actual body paint application on my own this time. I really want to do an iteration with the contour lines representing the model's actual contours

  • Thanks for including "You Always Smile But in Your Eyes Your Sorrow Shows" in your gallery. It's a pleasure.


  • Thank you

    • De Nada! I Love your work! Every image is so simple, smooth and clean but I love the complexity and uniqueness of your angles, poses and you have excellent lighting across your work.

  • Thank you for the add!

    • Absolutely! I really love your style and the vintage feel to your work! You've got a beautiful and diverse portfolio. Look forward to seeing more of your work!

  • Thanks for following me. NC is not next-door to Sweden but it would be interesting to work together when possible

    • I will

    • Haha, no not next door but I've done some projects remotely if you'd want to try and put a concept together. I'm decent with manipulations and illustration so we could potentially merge our independent works together towards a concept. Shoot me a message if you'd want to discuss any ideas.

  • Fantastic portfolio!

  • Lovely work!

  • Thank you for adding some of my images to your galleries! I am honoured!