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Portfolio: "Nude? Naturally!" Models: Ashley Allen, Shiela Joy, Raven E. French, Nikii Leigh, Vera Juliette, Jenna Marie, Mimsey Magic, Kerri Wells, Marzipanned, Jessica Lynn, April... more
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about WarrenCommunications


Portfolio: "Nude? Naturally!"
Models: Ashley Allen, Shiela Joy, Raven E. French, Nikii Leigh, Vera Juliette, Jenna Marie, Mimsey Magic, Kerri Wells, Marzipanned, Jessica Lynn, April Grace, Josée Lanue, Gemma Marie, Laurine Matt, Christiana Ouellette, Uzurael, Bellla Donna, Erica Leigh, and Kayla Totten.

Portfolio: "Nude? Naturally! Around the House"
Models: Mimsey Magic, Jenna Marie, April Grace, Laurine Matt, Nikii Leigh, Josée Lanue, Jessica Lynn, Gemma Marie, and Vera Juliette.

"Nude? Naturally!" models have all-natural bodies and wear no makeup. "Nude? Naturally!" images are not photoshopped with regard to naturally occurring elements of the body, often including any incidental scrapes and scratches.

Portfolio: The "Vera Juliette" Portfolio. A special selection of photography with model Vera Juliette.

Portfolio: The "Shiela Joy" Portfolio. A special selection of photography with model Shiela Joy.

All images © David Verzi, The Warren Communications

The press release announcing the fourth season of "Nude? Naturally!" may be viewed at


About and Casting Call
Having authored 29 years of broad and successful secular and Christian journalism, David Verzi, 73, is the owner-operator of The Warren Communications, a diverse media company based in Stephentown, New York, which via its “Nude? Naturally!” portfolio offers photographs of the female nude. The company also offers original erotica by subscription, editorial consultation, and general photography services. Verzi is a veteran journalist whose features, essays, stories, criticisms, poems, and photography have appeared in numerous publications in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts-New York and nationally. In addition, Verzi served as a communications coordinator at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA, and for over ten years was the editor of the Berkshire Jewish Voice in Pittsfield, MA.

Casting Female Models For "Nude? Naturally!"
The Warren Communications is seeking females, 18 to 26 (flexible), for the nude, single-subject, still photography portfolio, "Nude? Naturally!" All-natural bodies only. No tattoos or piercings (except single lobe earrings piercing) preferred but flexible. Experience helpful but not necessary. The casting is ongoing. Serious opportunity. Model escorts encouraged and welcome by arrangement. Compensation $100 to $125 per hour. Regional travel and lodging expenses paid. Models receive a selection of photos from their photoshoot. Must be at least 18 to receive comprehensive information/application. Contact: The Warren Communications, Stephentown, New York, at or (518) 733-9125. Stephentown, New York, in Rensselaer County, is located east of Albany, New York, and just west of Williamstown and Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

"Nude? Naturally!" photos may be visited at:


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  • Jenna Model Jenna
    last month

    So looking forward to our next shoot!! =)

  • Robert L Person Photographer Robert L Person
    6 months ago

    Thank you for your nice message about my work with the lovely and talented Jenna Marie. I see we also share working with Jessica Lynn. Your work is to be admired as well. Rob

    • Rob - Yes, I am pleased to work with both Jenna Marie and Jessica Lynn, both talented, beautiful, and wonderful with whom to work. - David

  • Bella F. Model Bella F.
    10 months ago

    David it was an absolute pleasure working with you! I cannot wait for next summer to shoot together again.

    • Bella - The pleasure was mine. You are an exceptional model and I very much look forward to our next shoot! - David

  • April A McKay Model April A McKay
    last year


    You are such a pleasure to create with. You booked me a year in advance, I get images weekly, you serve breakfast and lunch during our shoot, I am spoiled in every way.

    You are the ONLY photographer that request I come without any makeup and be as natural as I a can be. What a beautiful project you are working on to see women as they are.

    I am so thankful to be a part of your project and very much looking forward to next year.


    • My great pleasure to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to one of the finest personalities in the industry!

  • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
    last year

    It was my pleasure to have the images in the gallery. Thank you and the model for creating it.

    • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
      last year

      Great to have your wonderful work as a part of my galleries. Keep it up.

      • Abiblue Model Abiblue
        last year

        Beautiful shoots!

        • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
          last year

          I love your creative use of lighting and shadow to really make the images come alive.. remarkable work.. I love it.. thank you for sharing.

        • Jyves Photographer Jyves
          last year

          Thank you for your comments and your visit

          • Thank you very much for your comment on my image of the lovely Goddess Angie.

            • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
              last year

              Very nice portfolio. Keep it up.

              • what a beautiful work !!

                • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
                  last year

                  Thanks for having such an image to add.

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