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Tim Ash

Photographer / Artist
I was born in Russia (actually the Soviet Union at the time) and emigrated to the US as a child with my family. Capturing the female form through photography, drawing and painting has... more
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Tim Ash



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about Tim Ash


I was born in Russia (actually the Soviet Union at the time) and emigrated to the US as a child with my family. Capturing the female form through photography, drawing and painting has been a lifelong passion and hobby.

My "eye" is still evolving and learning. What I think sets me apart is the ability to bring out the particularity of each woman I photograph. I am not just looking for some objective reality, but rather something that arises out of the person's unique presence. The shoot is usually an improvisational collaboration as the model and I work to reveal her essential qualities.

I almost never crop or recompose the image. To me, the composition and deciding what goes into the frame is the key contribution that the photographer should bring to the collaboration. I usually do minimal or no post-processing (sometimes just some mild brightness or contrast adjustments). Basically, "what I see is what you get".

I have a very demanding and rewarding day-job (running my own specialized online marketing agency and chairing an international conference series). Creating art is purely for my personal enrichment and (hopefully) the enjoyment of other people.

If you are interested in combining our unique visions to create some memorable art, please contact me.


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  • Mykel Photographer Mykel
    last year

    Such a diverse, creative and original body of work

    • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
      last year

      Beautiful photography.. I love how you capture the simple beauty of the model through use of contrast, creative lighting and pure skill.. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us by posting it here..

      • Obsessive Images Photographer Obsessive Images
        3 years ago

        I love the creative nature of your work!

        • Bill Hughes Photographer Bill Hughes
          4 years ago

          Thanks for following me. Love your work. It's kooky, cool and wonderful!

          • G A Photography Photographer G A Photography
            4 years ago

            Tim, very solid portfolio! Really enjoyed taking a look at all of your images.

            • ClinePhoto Photographer ClinePhoto
              5 years ago

              Wonderful images, Tim. Architectural nudes make for some captivating shots!

              • St.Merrique Model St.Merrique
                5 years ago

                Outstanding body of work

                • tongoslinga Photographer tongoslinga
                  5 years ago

                  Hi Tim, thx for the msg and the follow. You've a beautiful portfolio.

                  • Doug Gilbert Photographer Doug Gilbert
                    5 years ago

                    Thanks for the message. You are obviously a gifted photographer

                    • JW53 Photographer JW53
                      5 years ago


                      Thanks you, you have some gorgeous work. Really love the architectural images.

                      • AingealRose Model AingealRose
                        5 years ago

                        So Pleased to have the opportunity to work with Tim while he was in Sydney.
                        had a great day creating fantastic images. so easy to work with and the images in his portfolio speak for themselves
                        definitely worth catching him if you get the chance

                        • egimage Photographer egimage
                          5 years ago

                          Pleased you like my stuff. I like your monochrome nudes - what's not to like? :)

                          • Photographer
                            5 years ago

                            Thanks for the welcome. Much success in your career.

                            • Avangeline Model Avangeline
                              5 years ago

                              Thank you for your kind words! I'm actually going to be in San Diego on Thursday. What a coincidence!

                              • Manzanita Model Manzanita
                                5 years ago

                                great work. Keep making beautiful art

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