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Thom Peters Photog

Artist / Photographer
My focus is the creation of beautiful artistic nudes, though I will and do shoot other styles such as beauty, fashion, glamor, etc. This statement reflects my attitude on shooting... more
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Thom Peters Photog


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about Thom Peters Photog


My focus is the creation of beautiful artistic nudes, though I will and do shoot other styles such as beauty, fashion, glamor, etc.

This statement reflects my attitude on shooting artistic nudes better than anything I could devise:

"If I have chosen the female form in particular, it is because beauty has been debased and exploited in our sensual twentieth century. We seem to have a need to turn innocent nature into evil ugliness be the twist of the mind. Woman has been target of much that is sordid and cheap, especially in photography. To raise, to elevate, to endorse with timeless reverence the image of woman, has been my mission – the reason for my work."

Ruth Bernhard, from "Views on Nudes" by Bill Jay

I've been in the business now about10+ years but have been photographing for nearly 35 years with everything from a Kodak Brownie to my Canon 6D today. I absolutely love photography and being creative.

My current focus is Art Nudes mostly in Black and White with some color photos, shot outdoors and in the studio. I look to present the human form in an artistic manner which is creative, beautiful, and which honors the beauty and humanity in all of us. I DO NOT shoot erotica or fetish. Currently I am focusing on TFCD and TFP projects as money is extremely tight with me.

I publish my photography using my own app on the Apple iTunes store, called "La Femme Nue Magazine".

You can find it at:


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  •  Mila
    last month

    Sure do. Every few weeks at least. :)

  •  ChelseaJo
    2 months ago

    Thank you for you kind words.. yes your style is quite inspiring and beautiful to look at..

  •  ChelseaJo
    2 months ago

    Wow! Stunning beautiful work! I love your use of background to really bring the beauty of the model to life. I also love the poses and the select camera angles you used. Your talent and skill allow the imagery to really speak to the viewer.. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent here..

  •  Mila
    10 months ago

    Hey buddy!

  • Absolutely stunning work!!! Please let me know if you are ever on the East Coast.

  •  Lisa Everhart
    2 years ago

    Thank you Thom and please don't forget me if you visit here.

  •  Liv Sage
    2 years ago


    I'm likely heading to Michigan around March. I'll keep you in mind for that trip!


  •  Stilt
    3 years ago

    Thanks! I love your work as well! I'm actually from Michigan, friends with Mila and Manzanita.

  •  Lumigraphics
    3 years ago

    Hey! Yeah I had a profile on here since last year but it wasn't activated, finally got a nudge to do it.

  •  Jen B E
    4 years ago

    Hi and thank you! You couples inspired me to add some couples to my port now too! Lovely work!

  •  Myrtha Meadows
    4 years ago

    Glad you like my picture! Thank you for the compliment! :) xox

  •  Rose Valentina
    4 years ago

    Thanks for your comments and kind words. Your work is wonderful and it's a pleasure to follow you on Tumblr too :)

  •  Thom Peters Photog
    4 years ago

    Please do Mark!!

  •  Mark Bigelow
    4 years ago

    Thom, Did release you weren't already following me, but thanks for the comments. I most pay a visit next time I'm in the Mitten.

  •  Thom Peters Photog
    4 years ago

    Mila, 23 skidoo!!

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