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I have lived and worked in the Tampa area my entire life. I bought my first camera in the early 80’s and excelled at nature macro photography on Kodachrome film. After taking a... more
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about TheBody.Photography


I have lived and worked in the Tampa area my entire life. I bought my first camera in the early 80’s and excelled at nature macro photography on Kodachrome film. After taking a substantial break from photography to raise three children and provide for them, I returned to my love of photography in 2012 using the digital format. I find digital photography to be an amazing technology! Instead of studying macro photography, I started studying portraiture in natural light, this further fueled my love for photography and drove my desire to capture my images the best way possible. A few years ago, my lifelong friend left the area for the northeast and gifted me with enough studio equipment to take on any job. This wonderful gift has now allowed me to be able to set up a small studio where I am able to study lighting. I have always been fascinated with the human form and have admired some of the work of Robert Mapplethorpe. His photograph titled BOW AND ARROW has been a favorite of mine since it was published in ‘81. Now having a studio, I decided to give art nude a try. Luckily for me I have a marvelous partner who believes in me and is willing to model. After some trial and error I managed to come up with a lighting configuration that highlights the curves of the human form. I have now used that configuration with several female subjects and I am very pleased with the results.


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  • Peaquad Imagery Photographer Peaquad Imagery
    last month

    Thank you for the generous words!

    • Neil Jacobson Photographer Neil Jacobson
      3 months ago

      Thanks again for your comment on the photo of Helen in the car. Whoever said that art and humor don't mix.

      • KayakDude Photographer KayakDude
        3 months ago

        Thank you. I used a Christmas projector on my Model, along with studio flash. Net lights in the back.

        • Neil Jacobson Photographer Neil Jacobson
          3 months ago

          TheBody.Photography -

          Thank you for your comment on my photograph of Helen. The lighting is from a ring light that I assembled by hand. I can't recommend it highly enough for photographers looking for an eerily beautiful effect. Thanks again for your comment.


          • Ektar Photographer Ektar
            4 months ago

            Fine photographs, very tasteful style.

            • ullrphoto Photographer ullrphoto
              5 months ago

              thank you for the comment!

              • Dwayne Martin Photographer Dwayne Martin
                5 months ago

                Really lovely portfolio.....

                • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
                  5 months ago

                  How could I not be following you until now! Fantastic portfolio of work and someone who appears to follow a very classic approach to figure photography. Very appealing to me as I started back in the 60's and was trained in film and this appeals to me as a student of that approach. Careful composition, perfect tonalities, and some exquisite abstractions. I recently went to a Weston workshop in Carmel and it rocked my visual world. Renewed enthusiasm and focused approach, it's letting me make a late-in-life change to my process although it's still digital. I may start using the film again but the curve is steep to get back in control of those materials. Keep up the great work. It is a pleasure to follow you.

                  • NeilH Photographer NeilH
                    5 months ago

                    Thank you for comment.

                    • CPH Photographer CPH
                      6 months ago

                      Thanks alot for your comment!

                      • Thank you for your kind comment :)

                        • jsanc1987 Photographer jsanc1987
                          6 months ago

                          Beautiful work! I look forward to following you!

                          • Kevin Kolber Photographer Kevin Kolber
                            7 months ago

                            Thanks for the comment. Lovely work you've done!

                            • thank you for the nice comment! much appreciated!

                              • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
                                7 months ago

                                Thanks for the kind words. And an excellent portfolio. I enjoyed going through it.

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