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"...choosing a model is 95% of a photograph." - Helmut Newton "...the final stage of photography is transforming an object from what it is into what you want it to be." - Ernst... more
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"...choosing a model is 95% of a photograph." - Helmut Newton

"...the final stage of photography is transforming an object from what it is into what you want it to be." - Ernst Haas


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  • Absolutely loving your style of photography! Reminds me a lot of Helmet Newton and Peter Lindberg. Your Black and Whites are beautiful.

    • Thank you. I'm very honored to be mentioned in the same sentence with Newton and Lindberg.

    • I see that we live relatively close to one another. Maybe we could do a collaboration or talk shop?

  • About the time I retired, I came across the works of the early 20th century art nude photographers online - Alfred Cheney Johnston, Albert Arthur Allen, Frantisek Drtikol, Manasse, etc., etc. They inspired me to try my hand. I added your photo to my favorites gallery because I think it perfectly embodies the style of that era. It's one of the things I mentioned in a comment that I really like about your work.

    • My interest in history, more than my interest in the practice of photography, led me to the work of some of the photographers you mentioned. Once I began to pursue the practice they certainly influenced the direction in which I headed. Along the way, I became enamored with the work of numerous practitioners of the wet plate process, particularly Ed Ross. Although I am strictly a digital photographer, I like to believe all those photographers would give me an encouraging nod. I did, in fact, receive a few from Ed Ross, which I consider a huge honor.

  • Your portfolio is fantastic! Thanks for sharing your talents with us and for being an active part of the Model Society community! Let us know if we can help with anything!

  • Love your 500px portfolio !!

  • Outstanding gallery Steve. You have worked with so many great models!

  • Thanks Steve...keep up the great work! matthew

  • Thank you, you are so kind.

  • Your image of Vassanta is beautiful. I'm proud to have it in my gallery.

  • Steve, You're Welcome

  • Steve,
    You are welcome, I really like that photograph Vassanta.

  • Thank you, Steve!

  • Thanks Steve, greatly admire your work

  • Stunning and emotive images, breathtaking portfolio xo

  • Thanks for the great work!

  • ...Always a pleasure to view your artistry!

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