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Dealing mainly in fashion, glamour, lingerie, implied/art nude and fantasy work, I have now done shoots with a great variety of models. I also do personal projects and have previous... more
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about Starglider


Dealing mainly in fashion, glamour, lingerie, implied/art nude and fantasy work, I have now done shoots with a great variety of models. I also do personal projects and have previous did work in the style of fairies, vampires, UV body painting and special makeup FX, both in the studio and out on location.

My Studio

I primarily work from a small home made studio right in the heart of Maidstone, Kent. It's basic but functional, and there is always tea/coffee and jaffa cakes available should they be needed (alternative foodstuffs are available if you want, although not liking Jaffa cakes?!?)! I also have access to private land owned by a lovely family which contains large fields, a lake and woodland.

I have now undertaken several personal projects in the past couple of years, and intend to start trying new an exciting ideas a great deal more in the coming 12 months, along with the standard fashion, glamour and art nude photography.

Past projects I have completed include:

Vampires - including digital teeth, fake blood and smoke.
Fairies - digital wings
UV Body paint - if you have a design idea, feel free to let me know, otherwise I can work with the model on what they'd like.
Robotics - liquid latex, fake blood and digital manipulation completes the result.
Woodland - Not just a basic shoot in the woods, but proper rolling around in the mud, getting messy!
Murder/Macabre - Creating 'scenes' of a murder happening, one with a gun, one with a sword, including liquid latex, fake blood and digital manipulation.

If you have an questions, or are interested in a shoot, please do let me know!

After a few messages in the past from models, I just wanted to make it clear that although I work to art nude levels, it doesn't mean that's the requirement I have for a shoot! I am happy to work at any levels up to that!

And now the serious stuff...

I no longer give out photos from paid shoots. If you wish to recieve photos from a paid shoot, you can either purchase them or work at a reduced part paid/part TF or full TF level. They will be watermarked and copyright will not be transferred to the model. In the case of a part TF/full TF shoot, the number of photos supplied will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Also any model who confirms a shoot with me and then pulls out within 24 hours of the shoot will (except in extreme situations) receive a neutral/negative feedback (dependant on circumstance). In order to not receive such feedback, I expect and require the model to contact me with alternative dates for shooting within 24 hours of the originally planned shoot. So only confirm a shoot if you are 100% committed to the assignment.

No chaperones. I have had too many bad experiences with them in the past that I simply will not allow chaperones to be present at a shoot any more.

I only work with models 18 years of age or older. In some cases I may request identification be provided.

I will assume if I am contacted out of the blue that you are interested in either a TF* shoot or are willing to pay me for my time and will quote my price when replying. If I am looking to pay a model for work, I will either post a casting call or will contact models directly myself. So please do not waste either of our time by cold-messaging me for paid work. This also applies to asking for paid work from a TF* casting I post myself.


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