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Important please read... I am a full time photographer, I use this site for my personal projects. *All of my castings and offers of TESTING will always be at TF. Models...I hope... more
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about Simon


Important please read... I am a full time photographer, I use this site for my personal projects.

*All of my castings and offers of TESTING will always be at TF.
Models...I hope you will read my refs and check them by messaging the models I have worked with. You should do this with every photographer you work with..

Photography is a very big part of my life, I do little else. I have worked in the TV and film industry for many years, in the past 4-5 years I have taken up stills photography again after putting down my camera back in the 90s to work at an agency as a booker. I have great experience working on location on film sets etc, and a background in TV and film design.

Working in the film industry with the great and the good has given me many skills for getting the best out of a model.
I have joined here to keep my portfolio up to date, with the hope of shooting to a higher level and work with new interesting people, and maybe pass on some of my skills.
Credits, too many to list but include; Jonathan Creek, Ab Fab, Spice Girls movie (Spice World), French & Saunders, commercials for Rolling Rock, Sauze, Daily Star. Several Music Videos. (Also as Art Director)

Cover shot, July 2012..

Where I work: I share a small commercial studio in Brentford West London. The address is at the top of the page.
I live and work in West London so if you are a new local model please get in touch if you need to refresh your portfolio.

How I work: *If I'm being paid then I will pay the model..
Images will be made available to you ASAP normally within 14 days. If you like to make your own selection I will send all shots as a smallish jpeg for you to make a selection of 7 shots to be edited to my high standard images can be made available in BW as well as colour, I feel this is plenty for a portfolio and gives choice.. You are welcome to use the unedited images on your social networks etc but don't tag me, you must tag me in the edited shots as will I tag you in shots I use.. I don't ask for a model release. You should if you can bring a USB memory stick so you can take the unedited images away with you, 2GB.

Although I'm a total delight to work with I have high standards and am quite picky about poses and lighting so expect your shoot to last 4 hours maybe more.

If you at any point think you won't be able to make the shoot, I would hope you would give me the maximum notice you could, I would expect that you would be honest with me about any reason you have to not come to the shoot. So even if you've just had second thoughts or still hungover just tell me please, much better than not saying anything or making up a story.. I expect people to turn up but realise life sometimes gets in the way..
My studio is quite big and there is a separate changing area.. I normally set the call time for 11am.

I have many references here please feel free to check them with the models...
Now shooting fashion, beauty, art nude and creative photography.
I am only shooting selective TF work. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

Please do not answer one of my castings and then tell me your rates, I won't be interested...!!!


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