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Donna Feldman Lasky: I am extremely passionate about my work and enjoy working with others who take it just as seriously. I shoot artistic nudes and nothing else. My fascination with... more
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Donna Feldman Lasky:
I am extremely passionate about my work and enjoy working with others who take it just as seriously. I shoot artistic nudes and nothing else. My fascination with the perfection of the female figure, pushes me to better myself with each model. I am either shooting or processing every waking minute of my life. Photography is my fulltime job and I feel incredibly lucky to have found my life’s passion and to have the luxury of dedicating myself to my art.

What I have to offer: Every shoot allows me the opportunity to take the simplicity of the female form and put it out there the way I see it. We’ll be working in one of the largest and most well equipped studios you will ever come across. My studio feels like home. It’s clean, well furnished, with plenty of good food & lounge areas. The studio has a warm, comfortable feel and is an excellent place to create. I shoot limited TF with those models that can add something unique to my port, and my regular rates are very reasonable! If we agree to shoot, you will be given you the chance to work with myself and my incredibly talented partner Keith (MM#1228537) as a team. We have completely different styles, making your day in the studio a great artistic value! I work with many “newbies” who are nervous and shy when they arrive for their first shoot, but quickly find out how natural and fun it is to work with me. I have yet to work with a single woman who hasn’t loved the experience and eagerly booked the next shoot.

Each shoot produces fully finished digital artistic images that you will be proud of, and will add something unique & beautiful to your port. I do not distribute unedited images or disks of the entire shoot.
I have more work on my website:
Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in making art!


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  •  Katie Potter
    last year

    Love your work, would love to combine forces one of these days!

    2 years ago

    Your work is beautiful! Hope we can work together someday :)

  •  Gnossienne
    2 years ago

    I would love to shoot with you soon! Your work is so incredibly beautiful.

  •  Manzanita
    3 years ago

    You work is very inspiring, keep making great art. :)

  •  Mila
    3 years ago

    Thank you. Your work is fantastic!

  •  Risen Phoenix
    4 years ago

    Absolutely inspiring work... This is what art photography is all about! Transcendent !

  •  Antonia Glaskova
    4 years ago

    Thank you very much for the kind words! And thanks for following! Highly appreciated. Your work is amazing and inspiring... love the colors and conception of each photo. Everyone can see with bare eyes what you love to do and you're great at it :)

  •  balm in Gilead
    4 years ago

    So inspired....

  •  David Bollt
    4 years ago

    Donna... Thank you! I also feel honored. There is something in your work that gives me confidence in what we are bringing to the world. There is a quality to your images that seems impossible to ignore.

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