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I have been a fine art photographer for a number of years. I have shown my work in Exhibitions and solo shows throughout Minnesota and California. My fine art nudes have been... more
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Risen Phoenix



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about Risen Phoenix


I have been a fine art photographer for a number of years. I have shown my work in Exhibitions and solo shows throughout Minnesota and California. My fine art nudes have been featured in Juxtapoze online as well as Editorial magazine. I have also been awarded the picture of the day 3 times by the editors of Vogue Italia

My style is a simple narrative on the female form. More Hemingway than Henry James.


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  •  Studio509
    3 months ago

    Thanks for the follow. Your work is exceptional, I like the high key B&W especially

    •  hicspix
      4 months ago

      Great images!

      •  Philip Turner
        4 months ago

        Classic work and some wonderful tonalities and color. I especially like the Sepia image entitled: "Monique Standing Nude," but I noticed a couple of highlight areas in that image that have no detail in them. Unlike some of the same range of images with Monique which seem to show beautiful continuous tonalities. But that's me nit-picking. I also like the fact that most of your models are natural, even down to the hair that's retained. No modifications, enhancements or augmentations. Some of the sepia toned images even start to take on a unique color realm aspect that I like. I too do not have a body of work that is always the same and the same treatments are not always present in each image. I like that aspect as I look at each image on it's own merits in your work. Your handling of mixed lighting is superb and often it is difficult to deal with. I think I should be more willing to think outside the box and create more interpretive imagery, and I would recommend you try it too.

        •  Jananda1
          5 months ago

          Incredible work!

          •  Tony Aldridge
            5 months ago

            Thanks again for creating such wonderful images.

            •  Symesey
              5 months ago

              Thank you for the generous words. I enjoy your work also and look forward to exploring your porfolio - best wishes Pete

              •  Morgan Rose
                5 months ago

                I’ve been obsessed with your work since I started four years ago. I don’t update here but you can see my work on and let me know what you think ❤️

                •  Abiblue
                  6 months ago

                  I love the natural beauty that you are shooting!

                  •  Chelsea Jo
                    6 months ago

                    I love your style of photography.. very unique and amazing..

                    •  Mila
                      7 months ago

                      Hi! Yep, I am still modeling. Sent you a text. Hope we can meet up soon!

                      •  dvan
                        8 months ago

                        Keep shooting

                        •  munecito
                          9 months ago

                          I hope you have a grand new year too

                          •  Photorunner
                            9 months ago

                            You're very welcome - You have lots of tremendous work.
                            Have a good new year.

                            •  Lisa Everhart
                              9 months ago

                              Thank you. Jessa moved away a few months back. I miss her.

                              •  Lisa Paul Everhart
                                9 months ago

                                My pleasure and merry Christmas to you and yours as well. I so hope that you will make it down in 2018.

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