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At the end of 2013 I retired from an international career as a geologist and am now devoting more or less full-time to my photography passion. I’ve long been in thrall to the beautiful... more
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Randall Hobbet



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about Randall Hobbet


At the end of 2013 I retired from an international career as a geologist and am now devoting more or less full-time to my photography passion. I’ve long been in thrall to the beautiful in all its forms and thus as a photographer pursue many different subjects from wildlife to landscapes to architecture to longtime exposures to abstract. But a primary fascination for me is that highly evolved form of beauty: Woman. It is the fleeting aspect of beauty that I particularly find an interesting challenge, to capture beauty and yet attest to its fugitive quality.

Those moments can be in the millisecond moment of a dancer, an emotion passing across the face; or the life force of animate nature, be it animal or plant, the patience of a heron, the predatory gaze of a cat or owl, the flower of womanhood… The fleeting moment can also entail changing light in a landscape, or as in long exposure photography, it can approach from the other side to express persistence in time, the energy flux of passing clouds, the flow of a stream, the endless churn of the oceans, the star tracks of the heavens… and yet it is still a moment in deep time, nothing is eternal…


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  • I love losing my soul in your dreams...

  • Great work, love your portfolio

  • Thank you for adding one of my images to one of your galleries. Your own portfolio is filled with so many gorgeous photographs -- beautiful models, expertly posed and exquisitely lit -- it would be impossible to pick a favourite. Nearly every image has that extra almost-indefinable "something" to make it emotionally engaging and evocative...really impressive!

  • Thanks for adding the image of Venus to your gallery, I'm honored.

  • Beautiful images! Very nice indeed.

  • What a beautiful and inspiring portfolio, great concepts, great models and beautiful colour and lighting. Thanks for sahring.

  • I have loved and been influenced by your work ever since I discovered Model Society. I am deeply touched and moved every time I experience your images. Thank you for making this world more beautiful with your art!

  • Exquisite portfolio!

  • Beautiful work. I love the timeless feeling of your photographs and creative use of natural backgrounds. Very talented indeed. Sometimes less is more, and your skillful use of Black and white or monochrome allows the true beauty of the entire image to be taken as a whole.. Amazing, thank you for sharing your obvious talent here.

  • LOVE your work, Randall.

  • So much to love here! Great variety in color, texture, location...and my god, THE MODELS! You have worked with many of my favorites. If you ever find yourself on the Lake Superior coast, please look me up.

  • Beautiful work! I strive for many of the same emotions in my own work, and draw inspiration from yours.

  • Gosh I wish you where closer !
    Relate to what you what you photograph ......x

  • Absolutely stunning images, Randall.

  • Thank you kindly, Randall. I have been a fan of your dance photos. So nice to see the high quality extends to all your work.

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