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After some interesting years in different areas of photography I made the decision to swap my equipment and… digital became analog again. Now, I’m on that point where I started almost... more
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about Raemond


After some interesting years in different areas of photography I made the decision to swap my equipment and… digital became analog again. Now, I’m on that point where I started almost 20 years ago. Ok, Photoshop replaced my darkroom but the rest is very “nostalgic” again….it was a very good decision!
I’m working with a Hasselblad 503cw and I only use availabel light! No auto-focus, using a light meter to find the right exposure and then changing film after 12 frames….. shootings are very unhurried and I try to keep them as simple as possible, no unnecessary stuff or gadgets, just me and the model.
All this may look like I’m going backwards, but it was a good decision to forward my photography. The shootings and the work with the models is very relaxed and always very funny but in the end, the results are of high quality and exactly as I want them. I encourage you .. take an analog body and shoot some rolls of b/w or color-film….it is great fun !!

Remember… Film is not dead, it just smells funny !!…cheers Rae

Awards and Books:

Prix de la Photographie Paris (
1st Prize (Gold) in the 2012 Competition - Category Portraiture
2nd Prize (Silver) in the 2012 Competition - Category People
3rd Prize (Bronze) in the 2012 Competition - Category FineArtNude

Passion&Desire -- Edition Skylight
GEP The Body -- Edition Feierabend
Nudes -- Edition Knesebeck



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  • Your love and passion for the art really shines. Every images is a masterpiece!

  • You have an amazing portfolio my friend! Love all your work here, keep it up!

  • I truly love your work. I wax nostalgic when I saw the film frame borders and the superb results you are achieving. I find I rarely shoot film now. Although I love it, it feels to me like I need pack train to go anywhere with it. I am going to have another go of it and had planned to use film at a workshop that was recently postponed. The time issue is more of a factor though, as I already shoot digital like I had film. Slow, meticulous and careful. It's only a matter of dollars (model time) when it comes to film vs digital for me. But thanks for the inspired vision. I am still going to give it a go (film) again.

  • Sensational body of work1

  • I love your work. It has such a delicate gentleness to it that I could lose myself in. You do great honor to the glory that is female beauty.

  • Excellent portfolio!! I am earnestly working on getting my Pentax 645N to produce results such as yours.

  • I love your work, excellent use of lighting, nature and contrast as well as unique close up photography.. It really lets the image speak to the viewer.. thank you so much for sharing your talent...

  • Fine work indeed.

  • gorgeous work

  • Thank you for your kind words. I have very much enjoyed discovering your work in return.

  • Very moving work you have here.

  • Thanks for the nice comment. Beautiful work here and good job keeping the flame burning for film work - you use it exceptionally well...

  • Exquisite! Elegant simple and powerful.