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Moved to Austin, TX in July of 1998. Immediately set about incorporating more technology into the artistic vision that had been defined while in Arizona via the scanning and... more
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R. Acevedo



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R. Acevedo

about R. Acevedo


Moved to Austin, TX in July of 1998. Immediately set about incorporating more technology into the artistic vision that had been defined while in Arizona via the scanning and manipulating of photo negatives to create painterly photo-graphic art and the use of digital video in the creation of linear & non filmic art.

Participated in numerous group shows around Austin. ProJex’s Nude Work 2000 & 2001 & Gallery Lombardy’s Erotica 2001 as well as having individual shows at F8 Gallery, DiverseArts Gallery and Debbie Peacock Gallery. Really broke out with “GET” show at Wet Salon & Studios in which r/ace sold numerous works causing Austin art critic Michael Barns to the Austin American Statesman “Acevedo is one of the best of Austin’s sensually charged artists”

Not to be limited to one-dimensional art, I spread my wings by creating visuals behind such provocative musical artists as Laura Scarborough, Woodwork & Art-Metal savant Titsworth and his band Pail. The direction and camera work, respectively, of the latter’s music videos “Birth”, “Mindscar”, “Youth” and 2006’s released “Space Monkey”, were embraced by the Austin Musical Network as some of the best local producer directors of 00-2006. Gaining notoriety as a visualist director.

Also in the early ‘00’s I pioneered the process/concept of photographic painting, described here by Stacee Millangue of Austin’s “Idea Gallery” as “…r/ace’s, work like “Through Her” …defines the possibilities of modern photography. His image of a female nude also contains several layers, looking similar to a ghostly colored x-ray. After taking several photos of his subject, he printed the film, purposefully over-exposing some parts, lightening and darkening others. He then digitally created a collage and added organic layer of wax and pigment.” Or as England based creative director Ali Hobb’s is quoted as saying, “r/ace is a sensory genius”

Musically in 2003 I did guest vocals & lyrics for the Flat Hand 5 project formed by Seattle based musician & underground personality D.A. Sabastian of In fall I produced the soundtrack to the film “Whole” featuring Austin based artists Govinda, Laura Scarborough, Michaelanglo and Kan’nal to name a few.

Not slowing down in 2004, I curated and contributed to the deconstructing of the nude with “Contour” featuring painting and mixed media works at WET Salon & Studios in March. I had my second collection of prose released by DiverseArts Press entiteled “Sonambulo” in June, and then collaborated with choreographer Ellen Bartel, composer Graham Reynolds and digital media artist Buck Wall on “Sonambulo” (the malti-media dance concert) based on his book which was performed at Austin’s Off Center in July of the same year.

In ‘05 I started the “She Rocks” Calendar which was a celebration of the rockin’, in both music and attitude, women of the Austin music scene. It continues today with biz partner Deanna Marie of “Velvet Brick” Making the calendar a yearly collectable of the Austin scene.

I regularly interact with DiversArts “New East” Gallery, JadeGate, Pump Project, GAT5, WET Studio & Salon, The Projex Gallery, Octopus Club ArtErotica and Continental Gallery, and is devote follower of the Churdh of the SubGenius… praise Bob, praise Slack….

I’m presently continuing to plumb the depths of mine and your psyche with perversions of light and form via lense and print.

Recently r/ace was excepted in the prestigious Center for Fine Art Photography 2008 “International Artful Nude Competition”

GO TO: http://www. c4fap. org/exhibitors/2008Nude/ExhibitorsAnnounce. asp

Out of hundreds of national and international entries. Excepted was r/ace’s “Working Woman”. The judge was none other than the son of America’s premiere fine-art nude photographer Edward Weston… Kim Weston.

"I’m attemping to haunt you with yourself" r/ace ‘04.



Some people see life more vividly than others do.

Some of those people, especially these days, use cameras to capture that vivid spectacle. Because, hell, if someone has a phone, they pretty much have a camera, too: Especially these days.

But what’s exceedingly rare, always and forever, are people who can transfer the stunning whole of their visual experience into an expression that can be shared by others. What’s never usual is someone who can capture the relentless kinetic miracle of existence in all its aspects ~ the urban and jagged, the natural and unfabricated, the darling and delightful and debauched and destroyed ~ and bring those images to eyes formerly innocent of the glory and glamor, the triumphs and trash, that shine everywhere in this complex life.

Ricardo Acevedo is one such artist, a photographer whose untouched portraits often outdo what others attempt in Photoshop and whose manipulated works can express a thinking kaleidoscope’s dream of sanity. Illustration, abstraction, machination. Narrative sequences like noir gone neon. There seems nothing beyond the skill of this man and his lens, which is why his works are worth watching: To see life in all its incarnations as vividly as possible.

~ Wayne Alan Brenner / Lead arts writer for The Austin Chronicle - Austin, TX


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