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Philip Turner

Photographer / Artist
Former museum curator, commercial advertising and fashion photographer who worked out of a studio in San Francisco in the 80's. My undergraduate degree is from RIT (Rochester, NY) in... more
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Philip Turner



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about Philip Turner


Former museum curator, commercial advertising and fashion photographer who worked out of a studio in San Francisco in the 80's. My undergraduate degree is from RIT (Rochester, NY) in Photo Illustration with a minor in Photo Science. As a commercial photographer, I was represented in San Francisco, LA, NY, and Tokyo (advertising and stock photography). I am constantly learning new (for me) techniques and visual modalities from others as digital is pretty new for me. I love seeing how the work of others inspires us all. I am grateful to be part of this vital community.


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  • Breathtaking work!

  • Gorgeous Black and White

  • Thankyou for breaking the ice as our first follower here! We appreciate the encouraging comments. 👍

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words Philip, coming from such an incredible professional as yourself it means a lot. Where do you live/work at present? Though I am not certain of when yet I am planning to come out to the USA for the first time this year and would absolutely love to do some modelling whilst out there. Excuse my audacity! Paisley X.

      • Hi Paisley, we are all on this learning journey together so I appreciate so many divergent and differing approaches to art. Yours is truly unique. Still I am looking forward to the upcoming gems you might present us with. I am hopeful of more to come!

    • Thank you.

    • Stunning portfolio. When I have more time, I'll need to take a deeper dive!

      • Thanks Mark for your kind words. Lovely work in your portfolio too. I enjoyed seeing what you've posted here as opposed to what's on Model Mayhem. Keep up the great work, Regards, Phil

    • Truly exceptional art, beauty and vision!

      • Thanks Dennis, I consider you one of the avowed masters of the genre and I still have much to learn from such inspiring photographers like yourself.

      • Philip - very gracious of you to say .... the key is to always strive to be a student of the art. Your work speaks for it self .....

    • Philip, thank you for your kind words. A pleasure to follow you and to be on Model Society. Bravo for your beautiful work!

    • Thanks so much for the generous comments!

    • Beautiful photographs!

      • Thanks, and your artwork is stunning too. Let me know if you go to prints with some of your art, thanks.

      • Thank you Philip...i just made a couple of my artworks available for prints!

    • Philip, stunning portfolio. Thanks so much for your comment. You have some beautiful photographs on display here.

      • Thanks Richard, appreciate your taking the time to comment too. Beautiful work as well.

    • My thanks for the image add. Strong portfolio, my compliments.

    • Hope all is wonderous in your world! Finally getting on here to update and approve, can’t wait for our next cocreative adventure!

      • Nice and thanks for approving all. Some pretty striking work out there already and yet, there's more!!

      • Im soooo excited, can’t even imagine what more will come out! Hope all is wonderously inspired in your world

    • Have I told you that your work is stunning??
      It is.

      • Thank-you so much you are too kind. I too, am a member of the mutual admiration society and we still have a date with destiny in our future. I haven't forgotten. I loved you and Vivian together too, you really are sisters in the spirit.

      • Thank you!!

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