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Philip Turner

Photographer / Artist
Former museum curator, commercial advertising and fashion photographer who worked out of a studio in San Francisco in the 80's. I was represented in San Francisco, LA, NY, and Tokyo... more
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Philip Turner



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about Philip Turner


Former museum curator, commercial advertising and fashion photographer who worked out of a studio in San Francisco in the 80's. I was represented in San Francisco, LA, NY, and Tokyo (stock photography). I have been responsible for the creation of many advertising images for many clients through their advertising agencies. I have produced photography for catalogs, food, packaging, fashion designers, and fashion editorial for consumer print publications.
"If you are a darkroom rat, like I once was, you would know the names, Edward, Brett and Kim Weston. This is the first thought that hit me when I saw Philip's black and white work of Catalina Cruise. His imagery is very much like theirs. This to me is the highest compliment that I could give a fellow photographer. These were my idols when I was shooting film and spending hours in the darkroom. Philip's work truly is something to be seen"
--Kerry Ray Tracy - Editor at Photosession Magazine-


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  • naturalart Photographer naturalart
    last week

    The beauty, creativity, and diversity of your work is inspiring, Philip! Thank you for sharing such a finely curated portfolio!

    • I love your portfolio Philip. It is so full of creative and imaginative work , which is beautifully shot and very well produced. I look forward to seeing more of your images on the Model Society.
      Best wishes.

      • Thanks so much for your kind comments too. And many thanks for reaching out to Ellebeth for me too. She mentioned you had contacted her. Let's keep in touch too. Many thanks again, and enjoyed seeing your work too, really striking.

    • Robert L Person Photographer Robert L Person
      last month

      Thank you for your message. I see you and I like many of the same models and shoot similarly! Keep up the good work!

      • Jyves Photographer Jyves
        last month

        Thank you for stopping by and for your comments

        • Allie Summers Model Allie Summers
          2 months ago

          Cool stuff!

        • Eric Lowenberg Photographer Eric Lowenberg
          3 months ago

          Thank you for adding my images into your galleries. I am most intrigued with your portfolio and look forward to looking through it in detail this evening.

          • Roger Mann Photographer Roger Mann
            4 months ago

            Thanks for the comment Philip. We have worked in precisely the same industries/institutions and maybe have the same view on imagery. Your work is inspiring and represents a natural force.

            • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
              4 months ago

              Thanks Roger for your kind words and also fabulous imagery. I left a longer note on your profile page. Pleasure to be following you here.

          • Tommy 2's Photographer Tommy-2's
            4 months ago

            Thank you for adding one of my photographs to your gallery.
            Thank you,

            • BenGunn Photographer BenGunn
              5 months ago

              Thank you for the kind comments and adds!
              It's a real pleasure to browse through your stuff...

              • Sirsdarkstar Model Sirsdarkstar
                5 months ago

                Thank you for your gracious comment, and additions to your gallery.

                I love your work, and I connect with your vision of art!

                • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
                  5 months ago

                  Oh! And
                  4. There is no need to always shoot the entire body. This isn't commercial work!

                  • I like that one best. LOL Sometimes i wish i had a huge sensor so i could just take the photos then crop later and still get awesome 36x48 prints. LOL

                  • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
                    5 months ago

                    Always better, I think, if you can see it in the camera first! But I can appreciate your approach.

                • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
                  5 months ago

                  Take-away's from the Weston Workshop:
                  1. Look at what you are photographing and ask why you are choosing to create this particular image? What are you trying to convey?
                  2. Every image has an entrance and an exit for your eye. Be cognizant of all four corners and how they work with the image.
                  3. Get out from behind the camera. Use a tripod and a remote or cable release. You'll be astounded how you "see" the potential subject and image differently.
                  On a side note - no one at the workshop used a tripod or release due to the time constraints. But we did help one another to see distinct new possibilities in the subject and image.

                  • 3. I don't use a tripod, normally but i definitely study the scene then frame it in camera. Good info, thanks a bunch for sharing.

                • So Philip, what would you say is the most important thing you learned from attending the Weston workshop?

                  • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
                    5 months ago

                    Sent a lengthy reply (not over 1000 characters) and clicked on Sent. Now, no where to be seen!

                  • Shit! At least you figured it out, somewhat. I'll send you a note with my email address. :)

                • Jyves Photographer Jyves
                  5 months ago

                  Thank you for your comments. I enjoy your work.

                  • Thank you so much for the positive comments. I bet the Weston workshop was amazing. Would love to attend that.

                    • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
                      5 months ago

                      Weston Workshop was a game changer. I hesitate to rave about it too much only from the perspective that I'll never be able to get into another one ;-) !

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