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Philip Turner

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Former museum curator, commercial advertising and fashion photographer who worked out of a studio in San Francisco in the 80's. My undergraduate degree is from RIT (Rochester, NY) in... more
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Philip Turner



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about Philip Turner


Former museum curator, commercial advertising and fashion photographer who worked out of a studio in San Francisco in the 80's. My undergraduate degree is from RIT (Rochester, NY) in Photo Illustration with a minor in Photo Science. As a commercial photographer, I was represented in San Francisco, LA, NY, and Tokyo (advertising and stock photography). I am constantly learning new (for me) techniques and visual modalities from others as digital nudes are fairly new for me. I love seeing how the work of others inspires us all. I am grateful to be part of this vital community.


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  • Thank you very much for your words of encouragement

    • We all benefit by having your work here to appreciate. It is very inspired. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • A great body of work. Love the moody shadows and deep contrasts that you create in your portraits. Not your average art nudes, something that is very refreshing.

    • Thanks so much for your kind and generous comments. I also appreciate the additions to your favorites and noticed you have chosen some others which we share in our favorites galleries too. Thanks for taking the time to add your comments and have a look at my work. I will be taking some time in the near future to look at your portfolio in-depth and had already followed you. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you very much, your time to view my images is greatly appreciated. I am very glad I came upon this website. It really has opened my mind to the wide variety of artists that exist in this world who's work I, otherwise, would never have seen.

  • Very many thanks for adding one of my photos to your gallery. You have an amazing portfolio, very beautiful.

    • Must admit I love your choice of model. She's lovely and fits the environment you have photographed her in. Thanks so much for your kind comments too.

  • Absolutely gorgeous port, just love your art!!!

    • We belong to the mutual admiration society. I love your work too. I think you should do a calendar. Mucha paintings come to mind if only for the four season's. Just think you should have some exposure representative of such great art.

    • haha, well, it is true!! I have done calendars privatly for family and friends if they ask, but not for sale to other people. I don't really know how to do it. haven't a clue how to manage orders and stuff..I don't know how to start. But thanks for thinking I should!!

  • Many thanks for following are most kind.

  • Hey thanks for taking the time to look over my work, I'm new to MS and looking forward to seeing good work and yours is really wonderful

    • Thanks for your kindness. You are producing some lovely work. Pleasure to see it here and have you share it with us.

  • Thanks for the kind comments, Phil. I truly respect your eye and opinions, so I'm always humbled by your words.

    • Very nice of you to say so Blake. Great calendar BTW! So happy to see your work here too. We all can enjoy it.

  • Such wonderful's so good to see a bit of a different point of view.....kind of inspires on to look at things in various ways instead of the tried and true.....thank you!!!

    • Thanks for your kind comments. I added a couple of your images to my favorites galleries as well. I love a good nude in nature with an artistic flare making the image even more interesting. Thanks for sharing with us too.

  • Great portfolio with a very high number of very good pictures. Congrats.

    • Thanks Jurgen for taking the time to comment on so many of the images. I appreciate you doing so and it has the added benefit of letting me follow you as well. I have missed seeing your work before now and will take some time to go through it. Many thanks, Phil

  • Thank you very much for adding 'Oil Man' to your gallery 'Portraits'. It is a great honour as a model to be in your favourites!

  • thank you for your well researched comments and my pleasure to discover your classic approach to figure photography.

  • Magnificent portfolio. I look forward to taking some time to browse through the images more slowly when time permits. Congratulations!

    • So glad you had a chance to comment on some of the images. Glad I began following your work too.

  • Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a beautiful comment, much appreciated. Your comment allowed me discover your fine work as well. Thanks for that and I have begun following your artistry as a result.

  • Philip -

    You have nothing to apologize for and all to be proud of. When I commented on your portfolio, I meant for it to be very positive.

    From what I see in your portfolio you may have already escaped your "commercial past."

    I don't have any art training but I don't let that stop me from finding the beauty in the models that I've worked with.

    Good luck,


    • Thanks Neil for the kind words. I think what I am looking for is a more edgy approach and I may not have that in me based on my past training. I have to be content with with the unique imagery we all create in so many varied and distinct ways. It really does keep it interesting.

  • Great port, Philip. I like how you used a variety of styles to express yourself.

    I've followed you. I hope that's okay with you.


    "It's the woman in you that makes you want to play this game..."

    • Great, I appreciate your follow as well as the Neil Young reference in the last image I commented on with Sienna. I am a photographer who keeps trying to escape my commercial past in search of better fine art nudes. Hence you see the variety of styles evolving. I may be on a lost cause, but I am getting better. I try to attend a workshop or two every year to try and re-hone my focus on the essential elements. But I still find myself defaulting to full bodies, softer indirect lighting and have only recently become a fan of natural light as I had to relinquish some control! We are God in a studio; you bring all the elements and the light/darkness to the image. It's tough to give up that power and be more flexible in the approach with natural light.

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