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I have always loved art weather it be film,theatre or paintings and photography etc... But this year I took my first steps to working with models I’m hoping to do more over time.But... more
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NeilH Model Citizen

about NeilH


I have always loved art weather it be film,theatre or paintings and photography etc... But this year I took my first steps to working with models I’m hoping to do more over time.But this year has just been a roller coaster in what I have learnt from models and other photographers.


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  • Beautiful work!

  • amazing work, fella!

  • Your work is breathtakingly beautiful!!!! My favorites are the ones that remind me of old Masters paintings. STUNNING images!!!!

    • Thank you. I do like it if can create image that looks like an old master. Just means you can travel light regarding lighting as you really only need one strobe to light the subject.

  • An outstanding oeuvre you have created here Neil, especially with Nicole. Love your aesthetics and eye for composition. and the atmospheric volume you create with your deft use of shadow and light. Impressive too for being only your first year in this genre -- surely more time has passed!

    • Dose need an update but thank you for the nice comments.

  • Love your work! I especially admire the images of Nicole, and Lila. They are powerful and beautiful!

  • Nicole being the meat of your portfolio and the others the salt and pepper. Love seeing these wonderful images of Nicole.

  • Nice portfolio. Love Nicole and her 'style', still with the Hat has that beautiful tone, and of course, Ivory Flame is very special too. Beautiful eye, stunning work, appreciate seeing it.

  • Lovely Work! If I make it back to the Uk someday I would love to collaborate with You!

  • If these gorgeous images are your "first steps", I can't wait to see what you will do once you start running! You have my humble admiration for capturing the beauty of humanity as well as my shameful jealousy of these unique locations you have used.

  • Your work is drop dead gorgeous.

    If you ever come to the San Francisco, Sonoma County in California USA, please let me know.

    • Thank you, I will hope fully visit the states one day. Your work is beautiful as well

  • Great portfolio wonderful!

    • Thank you for the likes and comments means so much,think I’m doing something right.

  • Wonderfull portfolio. I love it.

  • You have a creative way of introducing the female for into various settings ---Art all the way

  • You have so many gorgeous images. Thank you for sharing your captivating art with the world!

    • Thank you for the kind words I have only been doing this for a year since last March.I love meeting new models but always find I have to go back and work with Nicole who was the first model I worked with.I think she is coming to America in October but for how long and where about’s I don’t know.But if you would like to collaborate in some thing we can if you would like.

    • I never would have guessed you'd only been doing it for a year, given how beautiful your work is! I would be honored to collaborate on something. My email is on my Model Society profile page for easier correspondence. Talk to you soon!

  • Beautiful and diverse body of work. I am beginning to think that many of the great figure photographers are coming out of the UK! Pleasure to follow you and your work. Added one of your recent posts to my Inspired Imagery gallery.

    • Thank you for the kind words it means a lot as I have only been doing this type of photography since March last year.

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