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Established Photo Digital Artist. Currently working in Mixed Media and preparing for multiple Gallery showings and a compilation of my work to be published as a fine art book. My... more
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about Mykel


Established Photo Digital Artist. Currently working in Mixed Media and preparing for multiple Gallery showings and a compilation of my work to be published as a fine art book.

My work as a photographer and visual artist is very much a personal journey, allowing me to physically manifest archetypal imagery, born in the unconscious and accessed through a meditation technique called “Active Imagination.” (Jungian psychology places a heavy emphasis on dream interpretation wherein the content’s of one’s unconscious are translated into images, narrative or personified as separate entities … The Red Book) Artists such as Salvatore Dali and Pablo Picasso used the every same technique.

Although trained as a traditional photographer, I found that various editing processes allowed me to manipulate images in a more conceptual, painterly direction. As part of my creative evolution, I now find myself experimenting with more mixed media techniques. In my opinion, while the ways and means may vary, in the end, it is all storytelling.

Endlessly influenced by The Great Masters as well as Victorian literature and art. Tennyson, Keats, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John William Waterhouse and the Pre Raphaelites Brotherhood helped shape my vision. Photographic voices include avant-garde photographer Man Ray, the great innovator Edward Weston and the diverse Paul Strand. Most recently and profoundly influenced by the writings of Carl Gustav Jung.


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  • Stan Stan
    17 hours ago

    Hey Mykel, appreciate your comment!
    Some really nice work you have yourself... very interesting,
    Take care... Stijn.

    • BenGunn BenGunn
      3 weeks ago

      Highly appreciate your kind comment on my stuff, thank you very much! Love your massive port, you're so creative within all those artistic beauty and elegance!

      • Erwin Hilbert Erwin Hilbert
        last month

        Great and deep Works!

        • dregyn dregyn
          2 months ago

          thank you so much for you comment on my portfolio! if you are ever up this way, or i am down yours, we should at the very least have coffee/beer and shake hands.
          cheers! r.

          • naturalart naturalart
            3 months ago

            A beautiful mixture that elevates the art

            • Marvlus Marvlus
              4 months ago

              Very creative and beautiful!!

              • Red Rayven Red Rayven
                4 months ago

                Beautiful work.. Love your style and your amazing post work .

                • dvan dvan
                  5 months ago

                  I love your work

                  • Carmilla K. Carmilla K.
                    5 months ago

                    Thank you for yourkind comment. I really love the atmosphere of your work !

                    • Sirsdarkstar Sirsdarkstar
                      6 months ago

                      Stunning, creative and artistic are just a few words that describe your work. Beautiful portfolio.

                      • Rare Earth Gallery Rare Earth Gallery
                        6 months ago

                        Wow! Excellent work!. Thank you for everything!

                        • Tatie Tatie
                          6 months ago

                          Hello, thank you for your kind comment, I would love to work with you, you have amazing port with artistic and beautiful images. :)

                          • Philip Turner Philip Turner
                            6 months ago

                            Thank-you for your kind comment on my current posted work. I have one thing to say about your work here - Wah! (meaning wow! in gurmukhi). Inspiring, mystical and shrouded in mystery. What a great creative garden of work. Following you now for more inspiring works to come.

                            • Joe Klune Fine Art Joe Klune Fine Art
                              6 months ago

                              Beautiful work. Thank you for the kind comments.

                              • Fleur Fleur
                                6 months ago

                                I love the ethereal and very beautiful feel of your work...... and thank you for following me too....gosh I wish you lived closer !

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