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Mark Westbroek

Photographer / Artist
Netherlands based photographer with a personal style. I'd describe it myself as sensitive, subtle somewhat nostalgic. I love the female body to portray in the same way: subtle,... more
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Mark Westbroek



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Mark Westbroek

about Mark Westbroek


Netherlands based photographer with a personal style. I'd describe it myself as sensitive, subtle somewhat nostalgic.

I love the female body to portray in the same way: subtle, sensitive and personal. Show who someone is, or, can be! I'd like to surprise the model and myself with the results. It's a continuous sport and process to renew and play.

I always like to co-produce. It goes faster and is nicer, in my opinion, than a one-sided idea that the other must help create...

No strict plans for a shoot but an aim and space to improvise. Let both of us show our potential. If you have a lot of 'strong' images, I'd like to make to soft, smooth and superfeminine ones. If you as a model have many superbly posed ones, I'd like to make spontaneous, loose and somewhat imperfect pictures with you.

I think I like these three things / styles the most:

atmospheric, romantic, sensitive nude or partly covered nude, preferrably with a visible recognizable emotional state. The latter can be subtle, but it shouldn't be 'empty posing a pose'. I feel that people are quite well able to see 'through an image', so there should be something there Smile.
bodyscapes, so a more graphic / photographic view on - parts of - the body. This is not so emotional, really more about aestetics, recognizable or more or less enigmatic (what am I looking at)
edgy. Break boundaries. In a subtle, can be humorous, way. Play with what there is and what there isn't. With what's 'the rule' and what's not. That is often about using props, which can be simple things, but can also involve a bit of acting-in of the model, playing a role, or about weird edges / angles or being displaced; wearing just a hat in the cinema, sitting at a dinner table in the middle of a meadow or something more creative than that.
I like to be playful at all times, actually, although I can be seriously looking for the right light, lens or angle...

My current focus is on a very natural style photography (so the first one of above three styles). Not too much posed, not too much technical (although I change lenses often, as said, to get the right effect for what I see that I want to make) and making use of what there is (or isn't).

I try and have some emotion shown in the picture, but not too much 'acted' (have done, but I don't feel much for that picture then). The main emotion is that of being at ease, feeling good, feeling energetic maybe, or feeling 'cosy' in oneself. Feeling sensual could be visible on a picture too. It's about being at ease and enjoying life.

And, an open door, a picture should always be interesting and have a theme or subject or focus somewhere. It should be esthetical and balanced. Well, and then break all these rules and just play with it... (focus is not on the subject, so you have to guess a little what's on it; the photo is not straight, too light, too dark, there is movement, etc etc Wink ). You can go to the extreme or add a little. I like this experiment.

So in the end I have got experience in many settings and styles and will also be well able to help and mentor less experienced photographers to grow and produce cooler results.

I speak Dutch, English and German and can manage French, and a bit of Italian, Spanish and Greek.

I am based in Utrecht, NL, and in summer often near Arnhem (almost Rurhgebiet) but can travel. I like Belgium, so Antwerp, Gent or the Ardennes are cool shooting places too. I would like to shoot in England or the north of France coming spring (that is: 2020; now -autumn 2019- it's getting too cold I guess). Both are driveable by car (I like to have a car with me to be able to explore places).

My portfolio website is:

Hope to work with you, or get to know you via your work!


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  • Great portfolio & artist statement ~ looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Exquisite work! Looking forward to seeing what you create with the community. Welcome aboard. Let us know if we can help with anything.

  • Lovely portfolio and we are very much alike in our philosophy on photography and collaboration with the model.

  • You have a gorgeous and captivating portfolio.