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Art – the perception or vision, through one’s soul, of their universe put forth for others to sense (touch, feel, emote, taste, embrace) Now for the explanation – If you think... more
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Art – the perception or vision, through one’s soul, of their universe put forth for others to sense (touch, feel, emote, taste, embrace)

Now for the explanation –

If you think about what a person is. The physical manifestation of small pieces of the universe gathered together in a random order. We are that and the combination of our experience (Memory). We are always evolving who we are as individuals based on those factors. The really wild mix in this is that we like things based upon that which we can’t explain. That’s what I call the God effect. Why does one person like something and another find it offensive? Why do we decide one way or another? Because it feels right? Because we think that it’s the right thing to do? Honestly – I really don’t know why I will do something different with the same situation at 2 different times. There is something unexplainable inside us. That thing that drives us. Makes us worth it all.

So I am this little thing in the universe – I have my own way of doing things and looking at things and way that I like to be. I have my own perception of my little universe and who I am. Much of it similar to many other people and a good bit of it that only a few people can identify with. I strive to connect with people …. Try and let them see what I see. Walk in my shoes. That way I don’t feel so alone and desolate. I feel like I am part of the universe

Fine art Models – come to DC – there is a great community out here and some of the best photographers models to hang out with.

Photographers – Thank you for all the inspiration that you have given me on this site. This is the place to be and it is only going to get better (its already my home).


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  • Thank you for your real fantastic work !

  •  Jacob Dillon
    7 months ago

    Beautiful images! Thanks for following!

  •  feistyfemme
    last year

    Thank you for the follow. What an incredible portfolio, very inspiring!! I look forward to see more :)

  •  Jocelyn Woods
    last year

    Absolutely stunning. You create microcosmic worlds through exquisite complexity of compositional details, arranged in a poetic manner.

  •  Tilly McReese
    3 years ago

    I made it! Kickass portfolio, dude!

  •  Ceara Blu
    3 years ago

    Absolutely stunning work! I'd love to collaborate sometime <3

  • Amazing work!! Always a pleasure to see your pieces around.

  •  FiiP
    3 years ago

    Haha! Great minds think alike... :)

  •  Tadashi
    3 years ago

    Thank you for following!!

  •  Mila
    4 years ago

    Exquisite, fantastic work. Ever come to Michigan?

  •  Jocelyn Woods
    4 years ago

    Beautiful work...of exquisite tones, textures, and emotive articulations.

  •  SteveLease
    4 years ago

    Art of the highest quality. Each image is a gem.

  •  David Bollt
    4 years ago

    I'm loving the range of your work... classic figure studies, sweeping vistas and intimate portraits all beautifully done.

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