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I`m a German based photographer. I studied photography at the famous school for art `Saint-Luc` in Liège / Belgium. I finished my studies with an excellent dissertation and mentioning... more
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Looking_Eye Model Citizen

about Looking_Eye


I`m a German based photographer. I studied photography at the famous school for art `Saint-Luc` in Liège / Belgium. I finished my studies with an excellent dissertation and mentioning by the jury. I then returned to Germany and worked for different magazines and newspapers. I visualize the problems of coal mining and show the protests of people against a climate change. The CO2 Problematic is taken very serious here in Germany. But to earn my money I worked and still work as a wedding photographer. And for sure, I love to take nude art pictures and I am always searching for a personal approach to this subject. I love to communicate my ideas to models. Together we are looking for a way to visualize these ideas. I like to experiment with light and shadow as well as with projections. I appreciate landscape photography and I just began to combine nude and landscape photography. I also like to combine paintings by artist friends and my photography. I have several results visible in the archive of my personal website on:
Best wishes to all of you


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  • Hi and thanks for the notice, really like your classic style..

  • Very many thanks for adding one of my photos to your gallery " Great looking pictures". It's really appreciated.

  • Fantastic portfolio.

  • Thank you for adding one of my photos to your gallery :)

  • Thank you so much for the kind words and add of one of my images to your gallery!

  • fine diversity of images, style and subject, show us more !

  • Beautiful Portfolio! Amazing work! :-)

  • Thnx for your words, look into my aims, love your port.

  • Thank you for the kind words and perusing of my portfolio.

    Excellent use of light and shade. Love it.

  • I love your creative use of lighting and shadow to really make the images come alive.. remarkable work.. I love it.. thank you for sharing.

  • Very very interesting!

  • It is my pleasure to leave comments & add your images to myt lists. I am truly blown away by the talent displayed by you as well as the photogs on this site. This is, by far, the best site to view the most beautiful art nudes and art, in general. I wish I had the time to go throigh alot more ports and add to my galleries as this is the place to come when looking for inspirational images for my fine art nude shoots. I love shooting them, however, it's not something just any photog can shoot. It takes a great deal of detail, time, effort, talent, etc which is why I come here for my inspiration. Hopefully one day you will come to the US or I will be overseas and we will meet eye to eye. Until then, please keep creating and sharing your beautiful art!!

  • Thank you for the kind words!!!

  • Thank you for adding my work to your gallery. I do appreciate it!

  • Thank you so very much for your most appreciated comment on my profile. I am honored that you would consider working with me. It seems I run into alot of photographers that are beyond talented, esp in the fine art nudes, yet are so far away from me. Hopefully we will, one day, meet face to face, lens to body & we will create outstanding images.

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