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I began my fine art journey in 2012 after finding a fine art nude workshop on line. I had no experience as a photographer beyond shooting with my 35 mm Pentax ME Super I received as... more
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Lonnie Tate



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Lonnie Tate Model Citizen

about Lonnie Tate


I began my fine art journey in 2012 after finding a fine art nude workshop on line. I had no experience as a photographer beyond shooting with my 35 mm Pentax ME Super I received as an early college graduation gift from my parents. I shot everything in automatic, but at least could chance my aperture and know it's effect. After getting married, the 35 mm was "outdated" and the digital world was upon us.
I purchased a point and shoot for those family vacations, sporting events and birthdays. Stumbling upon the workshop that was to be held at a favorite vacation/recreation area, Lake Powell, Utah, my wife gave me a "go ahead" when I showed her the video advertisement. I was clueless about what I needed for a camera and headed to the local Sam's Club and purchased what to me was a top end camera, which later turned out to be a cropped Canon T3i. The workshop was a success and as a beginner I learned a lot from Joel Belmont and Kim Weston, descendant of the great Edward Weston and the Weston family of photographers including Brett and Cole. I was pretty excited about my accomplishments and was really encouraged by the people I met including a few of the photographers and models. I am pretty sure looking back that they had some good laughs at my lack of knowledge and excitement. I thank every one of them for teaching me. I have remained good friends with several of them. I did a few solo shoots over the next year and did another workshop in the fall of 2013. From that time I have been as involved with nude shoots as often as I can afford. In the spring of 2015 I attended a workshop with Kim Weston in Carmel, CA.

My journey continues and I try to create art that one might like to hang on a wall in their office or home. Please feel free to contact me as a model or a photographer or artist, and please take some time to look at my portfolio.


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  • Super portfolio!

  • Your work is magnificent. Looking forward to following you.

  • Amazing portfolio

  • Awesome work, thank you

  • Absolutely stunning work

  • Your work is spectacular

  • Always good to see new stuff from you. And we added you to the featured members on the homepage. Thanks for being with us.

  • I love your work which is full of fantasy and diversity. Your models are admirably captured

  • Nice portfolio of work

  • Thank you for adding me, your portfolio is absolutely fantastic! Your art is the epitome of the style I love creating, a mesmerizing interplay of the beauty of the human figure with that of nature. (Nature shoots are my favorite.) I will be moving to Boulder in August, so maybe we can create some art together.

  • Your portfolio is one of the greatest artistic treasures I've ever discovered.

  • You have a beautiful portfolio, the locations you have shot in are stunning!

  • absolutely beautiful portfolio. Well done :)

  • Hello!
    I’m traveling to the area on April 18-20 and have availability for bookings! I provide an extensive range of hair, makeup, and wardrobe! If you would like to shoot a curvy, blonde model please feel free to message me back! Hope to hear back from you soon!
    Lulu Love

  • I have a personal preference of outdoor work. Something about being nude and connecting with nature is so peaceful and beautiful!

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