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I got my start in 2012 after finding a fine art nude workshop on line. I was not sure what I was doing and did not even really know how to use my camera that purchased for the... more
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Lonnie Tate



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about Lonnie Tate


I got my start in 2012 after finding a fine art nude workshop on line. I was not sure what I was doing and did not even really know how to use my camera that purchased for the workshop. I caught on quickly at the workshop and by the time the week was over, I was pretty excited about my accomplishments. I did a few solo shoots over the next year and did another workshop in the fall of 2013. From that time I have been as involved with nude shoots as often as I can afford. In the spring of 2015 I attended a workshop with Kim Weston in Carmel, CA.

I try to produce the best work possible, though I have a lot to learn being only 6 years in to the art.

Thank you for taking time to look at my portfolio.

Lonnie Tate


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  • Your portfolio is one of the greatest artistic treasures I've ever discovered.

    • You have a beautiful portfolio, the locations you have shot in are stunning!

      • Alice Unleashed Model Alice Unleashed
        2 months ago

        absolutely beautiful portfolio. Well done :)

        • LuluLoveModel Model LuluLoveModel
          3 months ago

          I’m traveling to the area on April 18-20 and have availability for bookings! I provide an extensive range of hair, makeup, and wardrobe! If you would like to shoot a curvy, blonde model please feel free to message me back! Hope to hear back from you soon!

          Lulu Love

          • AnaEve Sabil Model AnaEve Sabil
            5 months ago

            I have a personal preference of outdoor work. Something about being nude and connecting with nature is so peaceful and beautiful!

            • Alexandra Vincent Model Alexandra Vincent
              7 months ago

              I'm very glad I found your portfolio today, Lonnie. Thanks for sharing!

              • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
                last year

                Inspiring imagery, I love how your are able to harmoniously blend the true beauty of the model and nature so seamlessly to create a powerful and captivating photograph. Quite impressive work, and very inspiring work for young models looking to work with a higher level of photographer. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent and skill here.. .

                • Howard Nowlan Photographer Howard Nowlan
                  last year

                  A joy to discover your images today - highly inspiring work, Tait.

                  • Stella Kat Model Stella Kat
                    2 years ago

                    Your work is beautiful, I would love to shoot with you anytime

                    • Jocelyn Woods Model Jocelyn Woods
                      3 years ago

                      Spectacular and sublime. Please consider a trip to Vermont!

                      • Zoe West Model Zoe West
                        3 years ago

                        I will definitely let you know when I come back to Denver!

                        • Eclipse Monday Model Eclipse Monday
                          4 years ago

                          It was great working with you... So much love for art ♥


                          • Mark Bigelow Photographer Mark Bigelow
                            4 years ago

                            Wonderful work here. I do see the Wildcat Hill influence, one I very much approve of while also a great curiosity to see and learn. Fine work

                            • Mauvais Model Mauvais
                              4 years ago

                              Thank you! I am a huge fan of your work by the way :}

                              • JoelBelmont Photographer JoelBelmont
                                5 years ago

                                Excellent photographs. I've enjoyed your book, and look forward to seeing your continued work.

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