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Interested by the shape, the lines of the body, body in motion, stories and textured image, more
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about Jyves


Interested by the shape, the lines of the body, body in motion, stories and textured image,


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  • Lior Allay Model Lior Allay
    13 hours ago

    Hey there,
    (sent this same message on MM but wanted to reach out here as well in case you didn't see it in time)
    thanks for the picture comment (on MM)

    I'll be passing through Ottawa on my Canadian tour next month.

    Dates are here

    Feel free to explore the website, let me know if you'd like to book a shoot while I'm in town! I'm only there for a few days so spots are filling up quickly.

    My very best,

    • Through the Artist's Eyes Artist The Artist's Eyes
      3 weeks ago

      Your portfolio is so beautiful.

      • George Ekers Photographer George Ekers
        3 months ago

        Thank you for the input.

        • Tommy 2's Photographer Tommy-2's
          4 months ago

          Thank you so much for the photograph comment

          • Iroiseorient Photographer Iroiseorient
            4 months ago

            Merci pour cette nouvelle visite et cet autre cliché choisi pour ta galerie !

            • milchuk Photographer milchuk
              6 months ago

              Thank you so much for adding one of my images to your Creativity Gallery! I am honoured to be in the fine company there!!! AND....I am looking thru your work and LOVE it!

              • Tommy 2's Photographer Tommy-2's
                7 months ago

                Thank you for the comments on the photographs.
                added a couple of your photographs to a gallery great work on your part.
                Thank you,

                • MadilynnPaige Model MadilynnPaige
                  9 months ago

                  Wow! Thank you for the compliment, but I think you're way amazing! Your art really shines through your images!

                  • NeilH Photographer NeilH
                    9 months ago

                    Thank you for the message about one of my images.It was from my very first art nude model shoot with the wonderful Nicole.I wanted to see what i could achieve on my own this is one of the results.I have another two day shoot coming up soon.

                    • Talli Lyndsey Model Talli Lyndsey
                      11 months ago

                      Hello! Thank you very much for following my work on here! 😊 Hope all is fab with you!! Talli 😊 ✨

                      • grand merci Jyves et le plaisir de s'être trouvé !

                        • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
                          last year

                          Love the lines of the female body you capture in your images. Stunning silhouette work capturing the natural beauty. Simple is beautiful and i feel you really captured the moment with that. Thank you for sharing

                          • Such a stunning portfolio. Your work is extraordinary.

                            • Vox Serene Model Vox Serene
                              last year

                              Glad to follow you here.

                              • Eric Frazer Photographer Eric Frazer
                                last year

                                You're welcome. Hope all is well.

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