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A photographer for over 30 years . I have had three commercial studios and I have been published in Catalogs and magazines . I am retired now and mainly do Art Nudes and... more
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J. Welborn



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J. Welborn Model Citizen

about J. Welborn


A photographer for over 30 years . I have had three commercial studios and I have been published in Catalogs and magazines .

I am retired now and mainly do Art Nudes and Landscapes for gallery display .

While I have hired models for very special projects I have found that the best work is generated when the sessions are a collaboration where the model and photographer have come together to share the creative energies with a specific goal in mind.

In those cases I will share finished full rez images and web size images with the model . A partnership should offer equal rights . As in all shoots some images will be thrown out like day old fish because they just stink LOL


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  • A wide range of successful concepts.

  • A very interesting portfolio, full of surprises with a melody of visual emotional content. I have to agree with you, the model that has ideas to explore can only add to, and can often, make or break a shoot.

  • Thank you and the same goes for your work!

  • J, your work continues to amaze me. Stephen

  • This is an absolutely excellent portfolio. I find it inspirational and beautiful.

  • Hey! I'm banned on facebook...again.... And trying to get together while I'm in town in a few weeks to make some magic! Pm me or give me a call! Hope to chat soon!

  • Love the way you control and use the light, it brings a fantastic mood to your photos

    • Thanks so much for your comment. It's always nice to have technical comments .

  • merci for your kind words.

    • Your most welcome ----I love your images for content and finish

  • J. Welborn,
    Thank you

  • Thanks for your kind words, and you have an amazing portfolio.

  • My sincere thanks for the gallery add!

  • You are welcome and thank you,

  • I see you are on a similar future path and a familiar past. Love the portfolio here. I even owned a VW Camper like you show in one of your photographs. I would bet you're as surprised as I am (maybe not?) on how this industry became so model-centric. In the past models came round with books for go-sees and agency asked us to test with their models. I guess she or he that has the look and talent reigns supreme now. Hope that there are enough discerning models to recognize photographic talent too. You obviously posses it.

    • So true on all points Philip . I use to shoot for agencies as you mentioned but now days I think they would take images from a cell phone . Girls with a pretty face and minimal talent want to be paid . Now I just shoot for fun and gallery shows .

  • Wow, Wow, Wow.. I really love the look of your photography. I like your angles, and the expressionism you are able to bring out of your models. The images are bold, captivating, sensual and seductive. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent here.

    • Thanks so much and I would love to have images of you in my portfolio

  • You're welcome. Hope all is well.

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