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I am a guy who comes to photography after years of fine arts work. I have been learning to use the new medium of camera work for just under two years in a serious effort. I am drawn to... more
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Fred Scholpp Photo



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about Fred Scholpp Photo


I am a guy who comes to photography after years of fine arts work. I have been learning to use the new medium of camera work for just under two years in a serious effort. I am drawn to photograph the same subjects that I have drawn, that is, people and their surroundings.
I am passionate about getting good portraits, especially environmental ones, also love figure work, and pictures that tell a story.
I hope to be able to find models to work with, great locations to shoot people in, and opportunities to learn new skills.


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  • I love your work. It has such a rich and painterly feel. Thank you for sharing your unique vision with the world.

    • NeilH Photographer NeilH
      5 months ago

      Loving your work very classicily orientaited.

      • Eric Lowenberg Photographer Eric Lowenberg
        last year

        Thank you for the kind words. I am enjoying browsing your portfolio also. Best, Eric

        • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
          last year

          Beautiful photography and portrait work.. I love how you capture the simple beauty of the model through use of contrast, creative lighting and pure skill..I find the timeless nature of your photography to be quite wonderful as well. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us by posting it here..

          • Risen Phoenix Photographer Risen Phoenix
            last year

            Your period and classic art nudes and costumed are stunning.

            • Risen Phoenix Photographer Risen Phoenix
              last year

              Thanks for my wonderful comment of my work with Molly

              • Mykel Photographer Mykel
                last year

                Love your vision

                • Jocelyn Woods Model Jocelyn Woods
                  3 years ago

                  Absolutely beautiful tones, colors and compositions. Would love to collaborate.

                  • Wonderhussy Model Wonderhussy
                    3 years ago

                    Thanks for your kind words, Fred! The desert is amazing and I would love to show you around sometime!

                    • Freeman Long Photographer Freeman Long
                      3 years ago

                      Beautiful Impressive and Thoughtful Work....Bravo..!!

                      • CalidaVision Photographer CalidaVision
                        4 years ago

                        Hello! Thank you for the wonderful comment on my image "Union with the Trees." Your comment about it having a pre-Raphaelite feel to it was spot on, as these master painters have always been such an inspiration to my photography. I am blown away by your style and depiction of the timeless female form. Your background in art shows strongly through your work. I look forward to following your work! ~Michael

                        • MephistoArt Photographer MephistoArt
                          4 years ago

                          Thank you for your kind words.

                          • Mason Photographer Mason
                            4 years ago

                            Thanks! Yea, I really liked the way her curly hair and the curly peeling wall paper looked together. This was actually her first photoshoot, but she has done some modelling for drawing before.

                            • VexV oir Model VexVoir
                              4 years ago

                              Hey there, long time no see! I hope you have been doing well! I am going to be hip-hoppin' around all Summer, maybe sometime soon?

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