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Frank Boots

Photographer / Artist
About me I was born in Breda in 1949. For more than 30 years now I live in Voorst, a village near Apeldoorn. I have been photographing for many years and am self-taught. Photography... more
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Frank Boots



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about Frank Boots


About me
I was born in Breda in 1949. For more than 30 years now I live in Voorst, a village near Apeldoorn. I have been photographing for many years and am self-taught.
Photography is my passion and I am in the happy possession of my own studio space. Although I also work a lot on location, I still take most of my photos there. Besides a lot of free work on a TFP basis (see for info 'posing'), I also regularly photograph on commission. In my studio I also give several workshops (see for info 'workshops').
I am married to Afra. Sometimes she assists with the shooting.

About my photography
I see my portrait photography as encounters. In the shots a meeting between the photographer and the model, in the viewing of the photo between the image and the viewer. Each of these encounters has its own value. In my shots I look for the strength and character behind the human being and I try to highlight that in my photographs, to accentuate the strong and beautiful points. I am particularly fascinated by the contrast between beautiful and real, between exercising attraction and keeping distance, between posed and natural. I find my inspiration in the classic portrait of the beginning of the last century, given shape with modern technique.
My nude studies so far mainly concern the lines, shapes and structures of the body. On location this is often combined with forms/structures in for example nature and dilapidated buildings. I strongly follow the rules of classical nude photography. I limit myself to the minimum, so nothing can distract from the actual subject. I see the human body as a work of art. This is not about eroticism, but about an artistic, aesthetic representation of the fine structure of the skin, the strength of the muscles and the shapes of the body.
The moment a nude has a recognizable face in the picture, it is again a portrait and you have to make it plausible in your image that the person in question is not wearing any clothes.
Almost always I only make pure black and white images. Usually I photograph in the studio, where I can create the optimal photo myself. But I also like to work on location, e.g. a separate interior or an old building.

Exhibitions and publications
I regularly exhibit in the Netherlands and sometimes abroad, in galleries and at photo shows, both alone and with others. My photos have appeared in national and international magazines, including Focus, Foto, Zoom, Foto&Doka/Fotografie, Photographie (Switzerland), Posityw and Gazeta Antykwarycna (Poland) and in China.


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  • Strong, dramatic and creative body of work!

  • Welcome to Model Society! Your portfolio is gorgeous, we can't wait to see what else you create here with the community! We're here to help if you need anything along the way :)