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Shooting outdoor black and white nudes is my passion in life. more
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Eric Lowenberg


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about Eric Lowenberg


Shooting outdoor black and white nudes is my passion in life.


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  •  Lisa Everhart
    3 months ago

    You bet. I am just happy to see you being more active here.

  •  Lisa Everhart
    4 months ago

    Hey Eric. A model I posed with here this month is out your way. Dan worked with her the other day. She spent the night and I got to know her and she is a wonderful person. Here is her FB. Anyway I hope all is well.

  •  Chelsea Jo
    4 months ago

    I love your use of background to really bring the beauty of the model to life. I also love the select camera angles you used. Sometimes less is more and removing color can really allow the canvas to speak to the viewer; wonderful job.. Your talent and skill allow the imagery to really speak to the viewer.. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent here.

  •  Eric Frazer
    5 months ago

    You're welcome. Hope all is well.

  •  Jyves
    6 months ago

    Stunning work. The way your models are integrated in the landscape is a success.

  •  - Gallery Closed -
    9 months ago

    Thanks so much Eric!

    On the RZ67, I only used that camera because the Boss didn't yet trust me to take the Hasselblad out! It did OK though.

    WOW those things are HEAVY. If I'd known what a choir it would be to lug on the shoot, I would have taken a 4x5 instead! ;0p

  •  Lisa Everhart
    11 months ago

    Yeah, I really wish I could have met her before she moves.

  •  Mila
    11 months ago

    I really love your work.

  • Thanks for follow, stunning port!!

  •  Jocelyn Woods
    2 years ago

    Poignant epiphanies.

  •  Jocelyn Woods
    2 years ago

    Poignant epiphanies.

  •  Inner Essence
    2 years ago

    Breathtaking images, your composition of the female form and lines of nature are stunning.

  • Your passion certainly comes across in your marvellous photography - a true art! Your portfolio is stunning, full of very beautiful and creative images.

  •  RudyBrunnler
    3 years ago

    Love your B&W work Eric...looking forward to see more...

  •  BenErnst
    4 years ago

    Amazing location work, great B+W

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