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Enlightened Exposure

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Let go of trying to control the results of the shoot. Let the shoot go where it “wants” to go. If you go with the flow all you have to do is keep your eyes open for the moments of gold... more
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Enlightened Exposure



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about Enlightened Exposure


Let go of trying to control the results of the shoot. Let the shoot go where it “wants” to go. If you go with the flow all you have to do is keep your eyes open for the moments of gold that almost inevitably show up along the way.

Allowing yourself to be deeply moved by beauty can be a big part of capturing images that will be deeply moving for others.

If we enjoy what we are doing from moment to moment, the quality of the work will likely take care of itself.


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  • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
    last year

    I love your use of background to really bring the beauty of the model to life. I also love the select camera angles you used. Sometimes less is more and removing color can really allow the canvas to speak to the viewer; wonderful job.. Your talent and skill allow the imagery to really speak to the viewer.. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent here.

    • Nymph Model Gwen Nymph
      last year

      Stunning work. Let me know if you'd like to book when I'm in Arizona later this month.

      • Satya Model Satya
        4 years ago

        I really enjoy you work! Gorgeous!

        • Bella Durmiente Model Bella Durmiente
          5 years ago

          i love you work

          • Roger Mann Photographer Roger Mann
            5 years ago

            Terrific, creative work. So much to like here.

            • Maria Amore' Artist Maria Amore'
              6 years ago

              thank you for the follow and the comments...i really do love your works especially the emotions within it and the lighting.

              • Sarah Rae Model Sarah Rae
                6 years ago

                beautiful work, it is very refreshing to see

                • Jocelyn Woods Model Jocelyn Woods
                  6 years ago

                  Gorgeous celebration of the diverse and endless beauty of female expression. You mingle in airs imbued with human emotional experience. Please let me know if you ever venture towards Vermont. Blessings of Eternal Inspiration.

                  • St.Merrique Model St.Merrique
                    6 years ago

                    Exquisite body of work. If you're looking to shoot next month, I will be in town and will be open to shoot the 23rd. Let me know.

                    • Mandyxoxo Model Mandyxoxo
                      6 years ago

                      Stellar. I am definitely hooked. You sound so enticing, Your words I mean. But yout photos.They make me interested. Very magnetic. Beautiful work. I'm keeping my eyes on you! <3

                      • Katz Pajamaz Model Katz Pajamaz
                        7 years ago


                        • Shades of Amber Model Shades of Amber
                          7 years ago

                          You're right, It is difficult to verbalize the visual experience. Fortunately these breathtaking images speak for themselves, well done!

                          • Mila Model Mila
                            7 years ago

                            I've found some deep magic in the mundane, as well. Love your work.

                            • David Bollt Artist David Bollt
                              7 years ago

                              So good to see you here. The work looks fantastic.

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