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Rife with unfocused, unscripted, gritty, raw, and visceral. Creation of uncommon; with zero concern for being categorized. Experience in collaborating has taught me empathy;... more
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Emissivity Model Citizen

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Rife with unfocused, unscripted, gritty, raw, and visceral. Creation of uncommon; with zero concern for being categorized.

Experience in collaborating has taught me empathy; respect, patience, listening and understanding. Demonstrative humanity in emotion.

Emblematic of life, what is reflected through what I make shines unconventional light on the human condition that few allow ourselves to embrace. Thus, my following of eastern philosophical axioms espousing an embrace of light along with dark; I wear proudly as a diadem.

Enthusiasm, passion and motivation of an artful process.

Personalities; people, and what they imprint during the entire process are what I abide in. In myself and others, I am always seeking physicality, expression with intensity, depth. Transcendence. And sharing opinions, ideas, solutions, energy and art.

If you're in this for the passion of the process as much the end result, by all means, inquire within. If cash is your holy grail, best of luck, but this isn't the path, nor am I the instrument.

Someone made me believe Venus in Virgo held some significance. Nah. Releasing shame over nudity and Judeo-Christian doctrinal beliefs concerning sinfulness; now that's significant.

God is not dead, just letting free will have a time of it.


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  • Greetings, I too am a Model Society member and want to let you know about a photoshoot I am hosting in Colorado Springs May 25. The shoot site is a fabulous location, Sun Peaks Center for Art and Sustainability, with amazing natural surroundings and equally amazing indoor settings. The genre for the shoot is nude and implied nude. There will be two models, Chelsea Marie and Everyn Darling, from Denver. Both are wonderfully talented and experienced models. The shoot schedule will include two 2-hour shoots with each model. There is a limit of four photographers. The cost is $475 for the day to cover model costs and other expenses. Please let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions. You can also reach me via email:

    Thanks, Kurt Meredith (KSM)

  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

  • Love the directness of the work

  • Wish you were closer. Cheers!

  • Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Emotive yet very in the moment without imposed preconceptions or artifice. Domain of a true artist. Outstanding work. I often feel if I merely see a glimmer of this sort of work in my own. When I see something like your portfolio here, it reinforces how differently I approach image creation. You let it rise to the moment. I have come with the constraints of commercialism to create a beautiful preconceived image. Thanks for allowing us to see the difference. Breath of fresh air.

    • Admittedly, I try not to have a concept in mind and allow the people I work with to mold their own. I find being witness to their work and simply brining it to the forefront as my goal. But your words have meaning and were greatly received with appreciation.

  • Welcome to Model Society! Your portfolio is so beautiful. We can't wait to see what else you create here within the community!! Let us know if we can help with anything :)

    • Your comments have been received with appreciation and humility. I am happy to be here and look forward to revealing my growth in maintaining positive relationships resulting in expressiveness and composure.