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I'm a fine art photographer living in New York City, specializing in black & white art nude and travel photography. I'm proud to call myself "old fashioned," as I still use film and... more
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Dave Rudin



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Dave Rudin

about Dave Rudin


I'm a fine art photographer living in New York City, specializing in black & white art nude and travel photography. I'm proud to call myself "old fashioned," as I still use film and make silver gelatin prints in a darkroom when I can. My work has been exhibited nationally and published internationally.

I studied classical art at university and I like to think of the models that I photograph as being "living sculptures." Perhaps another way to explain what I do is that I like to create beautiful images, and what can be more beautiful than a beautiful woman in her natural state?

I began photographing art nudes in 1995 and I just published a book covering 20 years of my photography. (See the link above.)


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  • Thanks for this addition to your gallery. There will be more of her to come.

  • I have done a little bit of underwater stuff here but it is problematic since it has mostly been done in Lake Superior, freezing ass water for sure...cold enough for hypothermia to be an issue.

  • Thank you for your gallery selections. I love doing model shoots in water...I live where that is in abundance.
    I really enjoyed your site. Your use of multiple models in one shoot makes me want to do more of that...easier said than done.

  • thnx for sharing my photograph Dave

  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

  • Thanks for the follow. Love your portfolio, especially the desert locations.

  • Many thanks for the follow and I'm following you in return. I thought we were doing that already. I've been a fan of your work. It began with a suggestion from Erica Jay, several years ago, to check out your work.

    • You are welcome, Steve - and thank you for (finally ;-) ) following me. Yes, I do know Erica, of course, though it has been a while since I've seen her.

  • Great group of artful and impressive images, Dave. It was good to meet and get to know you during the Utah 2021 tour; and, I hope our photographic paths will cross again.

    • Thanks for saying so, DK. It was good to meet you, too, and I hope that we will have the chance to work together again.

  • Nice sense of humor Dave. Wonderful models. Great technique. Really enjoy viewing your portfolio.

  • Vereinigten?.....LOL

  • Howdy :) Alles gehts größtenteils gut. Möchte mehr Kunst nackt fotografieren. Amerika hat viele Probleme....hoffe, es bleibt stark. Mein Deutsch spricht nicht mehr fließend, aber es ist ok. Bleib gesund und schaffen Sie weiterhin großartige Kunst!

  • Vielen dank für Ihre antwort von dein neuer freund von Texas:)

    • Vielen Dank und sehr gut, mein neuer Freund von Texas. Wie geht's??? :-)

  • Absolutely STUNNING works.....totally admire ur works.....thank you so much for ur follow.....let's keep in touch!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Dieter. (I was about to write "Vielen Dank," but then I read that you live in Texas. ;-) ) Yes, I would be very happy to keep in touch with you. Feel free to write to me any time, and continued success with your own photography.

  • Dave, I could spend hours appreciating your magnificent work. Glad I found you here. I am finally getting back to my art myself. All the best.

  • Thank you for the add to your excellent gallery. I also really enjoyed browsing through your portfolio..some really excellent images.

    • Thank you - and you are welcome. You have done some good work, as well, I see.

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