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The female human form holds my fascination. I am intrigued by the beauty of that form that is at once unique to the individual while also archetypal to humanity. Each photograph to... more
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DJLphotography Model Citizen

about DJLphotography


The female human form holds my fascination. I am intrigued by the beauty of that form that is at once unique to the individual while also archetypal to humanity. Each photograph to varying degrees deals with the tension between the individuality of the person and the universality of the female form. Occasionally, the individual is most present in the work. In most, the beauty of the form is the primary subject.

In many of my works, the use of light within a studio is my sole aid in uncovering the sublime of the female form. Light and dark play against the line of the body to make it more pleasing to the eye and yet still ?natural? and without artificiality. The beauty I strive to uncover is not meant to be seen as primarily sexual, but rather an appreciation of female beauty without particular reference to sex. It is the beauty of the gender that is present; a beauty that is unashamed of its identity.

Through the use of a nude form against urban backdrops, the form itself is elevated as it is set among the surroundings. It is a harsh contradiction between beauty that occurs naturally with the stark man-made environment in which many of us choose to live. What is natural and what is contrived, and the interaction between the two is a startling juxtaposition and the desired outcome is further appreciation of the natural.

What you see here is the culmination of a lifetime of love, learning, and friendship as I share my interest in the female form with you. The contradicting tensions of the individual versus archetype, natural versus contrived, are unified in the central theme to find the unique beauty that in found in every female; a beauty that is there to be seen and appreciated, but not always found. It was my quest to always uncover this beauty.


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  • Fantastic portfolio. Really interesting concepts. @guycarnegie

  • Excellent work, mostly very close to my own taste.

  • Just relook at your portfolio. It is exceptional Love your work

  • Wow. I love your work. Very original.

  • I enjoy the aesthetics of your work! Great concepts!

  • Powerful work

  • Very nice creative imagery

  • Wow ... the new batch of uploads if phenomenal! Great work. So good to see.

    • Thank you! If being part of the magazine is ever a possibility, I would be honored.

  • Thank you for adding my image and yours look pretty spectacular as well.

  • I love your profile words and your beautiful work..

  • Your portfolio is creative and exciting. I reallty like it..

    • Thank you! Your port has a reality and grit to it that is very refreshing! Thank you for sharing!

  • truly inspirational body of work

    • Thank you! That is a wonderful compliment from someone that can incorporate so much meaning and overtone into a piece of work!

  • I love your use of background to really bring the beauty of the model to life. I also love the select camera angles you used. Sometimes less is more and removing color can really allow the canvas to speak to the viewer; wonderful job.. Your talent and skill allow the imagery to really speak to the viewer.. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent here..

    • You always give me such high praise. :) I certainly hope I deserve it! Love your work!!

  • Love your work, and great to see it featured.

  • Stunning images capturing the landscape of the female form beautifully. Bravo xo

    • Thank you! Your strength and beauty in your images is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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