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I'm a hobbyist photographer from Dublin, Ireland. My work is more suited to art and dance models or models with an emphasis on femininity, beauty and sensuality rather than sexy... more
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about Ciaran


I'm a hobbyist photographer from Dublin, Ireland.

My work is more suited to art and dance models or models with an emphasis on femininity, beauty and sensuality rather than sexy and sassy. Whilst it is quite prevalent in my portfolio, I don't exclusively shoot nude content, so if you're a model that feels you're a close fit to what I shoot, but you don't shoot nude levels, please don't let that stop you getting in touch.

My preference is to work with natural light, often in beautiful old locations here in Ireland, which can mean cold, damp shoots (sorry!). If that isn't your thing, I appreciate that, but it also means it would be difficult to work together.

Almost without exception, the models I work with are flown in from the UK, Europe and beyond. Most are paid shoots (I pay them - including air fare and accommodation if required). However, if I pay you for a shoot, please do not expect to receive images as well!. Let's be fair? If you like my images and would like them in your portfolio, then we can discuss some sort of collaborative arrangement, or alternatively you can purchase them from me after the shoot.

TFx is a rarity for me, but if you can genuinely add to my portfolio and feel I can add to yours, then let's talk? So if you're willing to travel to Ireland, or of course are based here and don't mind working hard for a day, please do get in contact.


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  • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
    last year


    • Sofie Model Sofie
      last year

      Fantastic work! Love the old locations :)

      • Fleur Model Fleur
        2 years ago

        Oh my gosh these are so beautiful I wish they where in my portfolio !!!....Please take a look at my portfolio....would you even consider me ?

        • Kz Bri Model Kz Bri
          3 years ago

          Ooh it's a long skirt

          • Kz Bri Model Kz Bri
            3 years ago

            I love the white dresses

            • HollyLoveday Model HollyLoveday
              4 years ago

              Still in love with the airy sensuality your work - if ever I happen to be in Ireland, I would love to work with you.

              • Katherinna  Model Katherinna
                4 years ago

                Beautiful port

                • Winry Rose Model Winry Rose
                  5 years ago

                  I absolutely love the ethereal style that you exude. Keep making beautiful art! :)

                  • Ceara Blu Model Ceara Blu
                    6 years ago

                    I"m in love wit your work!! Phenomenal <3 Thank you for sharing

                    • Fernanda Ramirez Photographer Fernanda Ramirez
                      6 years ago


                      • CalidaVision Photographer CalidaVision
                        6 years ago

                        Ciaran...Your mastery of sensuous lighting and pose has created a stunning portfolio. I look forward to following your work.

                        • HollyLoveday Model HollyLoveday
                          6 years ago

                          Your images are like poetry. Beautiful.

                          • Antonia Glaskova Photographer Antonia Glaskova
                            6 years ago

                            Great colors and models. Your work is great! Keep it up :)

                            • David Bollt Artist David Bollt
                              6 years ago

                              I love seeing the classical poses and lyrical lines of your figure studies. Beautiful!

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