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I'm a retired aerospace engineer, diving into the arts. My primary interest is classic nude art photography, which I've been pursuing since 2016. more
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Capitalist Tools



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Capitalist Tools

about Capitalist Tools


I'm a retired aerospace engineer, diving into the arts. My primary interest is classic nude art photography, which I've been pursuing since 2016.


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  • THIS WEEKEND (28-29 Oct) - I'll be showing and selling my photography at the Punk Flea Market in Atlanta.

  • Maan your works are truly classic and really inspiring

    • Thanks for the kind words. What got me started was studying works from a century ago, and that aesthetic flows through everything I do.

  • It's pleasant to see another of my photos added to an admin gallery, here:

  • Two of my photos - Sienna #4 and Colby #4 (both in my portfolio here) have been selected for a juried art show and competition at Arts Revive Gallery in Selma, Alabama.

  • I'm very pleased that three of my photos have been added to featured galleries by the Model Society Admins in the last few months. It's just an honor to be grouped with such talented artists, and it gives me the thought that I just might have a glimmer of a thought of an idea of what I'm doing with my work.

  • My photos of transgender man Colby will be featured in the exhibit "Art Against Hate" at Studio 2500 in Birmingham, AL, opening on 18 January

  • I've been privileged to work with a group of fantastic female models over the last 5 years, but I'm looking to extend my range. I've done one shoot with a transgender model, the results of which are in my portfolio. I'm looking for male models and transgender models to add to my work. I'm located in northern Alabama. If you're nearby and interested in working with me, contact me through this page.

  • My photography will be among the art displayed at an exhibit at Studio 2500, Birmingham, Alabama. Friday night, 20 September, is the opening reception, but the exhibit will continue for several weeks.

    I have to tell you about this gallery - it's run by Willie Williams Senior and Junior, a father-son pair who produce abstract paintings and 3-D compositions, as well as large welded metal sculpture. I'm very jealous of the workshop they've built to produce and display their work, and I'm very happy with the opportunity to work with them.

    I drove down yesterday with a trunkload of photos, from which Willie Junior selected 14 pieces to hold for the exhibit. If you find yourself down there, stop in and take a look

  • I love your unique, pulled-from-time style. Wonderful work!