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Bill Earle

Photographer / Artist
My primary interest is fine art figure work experimenting with varying and different lighting techniques all in an effort to create images with emotion, passion, mystery and... more
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Bill Earle



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about Bill Earle


My primary interest is fine art figure work experimenting with varying and different lighting techniques all in an effort to create images with emotion, passion, mystery and sensuality. Apart from the figure work I have a passion for portraiture along with the variations, permutations, wonderful and magical moments that just seem to come out of nowhere. For me photographing people is an exploration of and into myself and the people I come into contact with.

We as human beings are full of life's stories, beauty, emotions and feelings. My hope is to capture and share these on some level.


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  • Amazilia Photography Photographer Amazilia Photography
    11 months ago

    Wonderful work Bill! I love your composition , lighting and figure work

    • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
      11 months ago

      Wow!!!, what superb art.. your imagery is amazing and inspiring.. simple, graceful, beautiful, it really speaks to the viewer.. And your use of background lighting/blending/ and silhouette work is genius. Fantastic Stuff... Great work and thank you for sharing..

      • Inner Essence Model Inner Essence
        2 years ago

        Such a stunning portfolio which captures the beauty and depth of the human form xo

        • Thanakorn Telan Photographer Thanakorn Telan
          3 years ago

          Superb work ...mood, light, tone are perfectly captured and present . Truly admiring your work .

          • Nymph Model Nymph
            4 years ago

            Such a pleasure seeing your work on here. I do look forward to meeting and working with you - hopefully soon!

            • Roger Mann Photographer Roger Mann
              4 years ago

              Beautifully crafted work showing a sensitivity and innate understanding of light and form

              • John Matthews Photographer John Matthews
                5 years ago

                Beautiful and inspiring work

                • Bella Durmiente Model Bella Durmiente
                  5 years ago

                  beautiful work

                  • Ceara Blu Model Ceara Blu
                    5 years ago

                    You're art is absolutely breathtaking and I hope to one day be apart of it :) Thank you for sharing!


                    • Lottg Photographer Lottg
                      5 years ago

                      Thanks Bill, I'm loving your work too. The incorporation of motion in a few of your images is very nice, and in others the emotional content is commendable! Nicely done!

                      • Risen Phoenix Photographer Risen Phoenix
                        5 years ago

                        Absolutely inspirational, and thought provoking

                        • Mila Model Mila
                          5 years ago

                          Lovely work.

                          • David Bollt Artist David Bollt
                            6 years ago

                            I keep coming back and finding new surprises. Gorgeous work Bill.

                            • CalidaVision Photographer CalidaVision
                              6 years ago

                              Great have created an emotionally moving body of figurative images!

                              • David Bollt Artist David Bollt
                                7 years ago

                                Looking at your work has me want to experiment more with my own and let go of some of the 'rules' that I impose on myself. Great work... it feels great seeing you here.

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