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Ben Ernst ( 1952) is an autodidact. He is a self taught photographer with over 40 years of experience. In the past years he has specialised in art nude photography and has worked... more
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about BenErnst


Ben Ernst ( 1952) is an autodidact. He is a self taught photographer with over 40 years of experience. In the past years he has specialised in art nude photography and has worked with models with an artistic background such as dancers and actors. Together they work on a concept. The important part in the end result is the location, be it indoor or out. Through this an image evolves out of the concept, in which the relation between the model, photographer and location emerge.

‘Throughout the year we have models staying with us, for a couple of days, sometimes longer. Models fly out to shoots, but we have time to talk, eat and drink together. Talk about concepts, shoots, locations , photography we like, but also life in general This gives both sides the opportunity to know eachother better. Most models I know for a longer period, we worked on several shoots. I think models are at ease during the shoot and this shows ( I think)’

Rene Margritte: "There is no change. There is no art without life".


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  • Stunning work. I love the light, the setup of your work, choice of models and the broad variety of different styles. Congrats. Very good!

    • thnx, Iam a lover of beauty , I hate a special style. Lets have a good time (shoot)

  • Outstanding portfolio, beautiful art very well captured.

  • Great Portfolio by a great Photographer!

  • You have so many profoundly beautiful images. I could get lost in your creations for days. Thank you for making this world more beautiful with your art.

  • Thank you for the nice words about my new image I posted. Lovely model and a great location made my work easy. Nice to hear from you again, very best from San Francisco. Eric

  • Your pictures are wonderful. I like to watch the emotions the pictures spread out. You capture just the right moments and your use of the clear and dark parts of the photos show really a great know how.

  • I love your imagery, I think your use of contrast between the background and model is quite amazing.. Your creativity allows the beauty of the model to proportionately compliment the beauty that is the entirety of the photograph to create a stunning work of art.. thank you for sharing your obvious talent with us... great work..

    • why didnt I reply? Thnx for your nice compliments. Youre right about he model in the environment

  • revisited your website
    pure genius !!
    bravo !!

  • Your work is absolutely beautiful

  • Ben is very talented, serious, reliable photographer. His photos >>> wow :) I am really glad that we had shooting together. I highly recommend him. Thank you for everything. Kind regards. DS |

  • beautiful work bringing a lot of art

  • Fabulous portfolio... still envious of your ruined castles! ;-)

  • Hiiiiiii!!!

  • Hiiiiiiiiiii!!

  • Hiiiiiiiiiii!!

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